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Mossberg 835 Ulti-Mag Pump Action Photo Gallery


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@Swampfoxforeman i really like that. I used to see those almost every time I went into a gun store or pawn shop for anywhere from 2 to $250. I never see them anymore. I wish I had bought one then.


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Looks like the last post here was almost 4 years ago
Here is my 20 year old 835 standing watch over the field to ward off the hordes of gobbling turkeys.
Hopefully i will be able to hunt with it another 20 years.20220506_153324.jpg


My first 835 came from K-Mart back when they were selling guns many years ago:

I swapped out the barrel and the fore end and added a mag extension:

I ended up trading that on off for a S&W Model 64 that I had to have, but I held onto the short barrel, fore end and mag extension in the hopes of picking up another 835. Eventually I picked up another 835 with wood stocks. This one came with with a barrel that has rifle sights:

I added my short barrrel and mag extension to it: