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Mossberg 930 Autoloader Barrels


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I have been trying to find an 18.5" barrel for my 500 Deer gun that I don't use any more. I have not found one anywhere in a store. Online they are going for well north of $200 on auctions. Thinking about cutting down my unused 28" field barrel for HD use.
As a rule lately, other that a few Maverick 88's here and there, there have not been anything Mossberg on the shelves.


If it were me, I would buy a used any choke plain barrel, cut it to 20", and buy a set of decent sights or buy a short picatinny rail and mount a red dot or scope. Mount the rail on the receiver.
Have you looked for the rifles slug barrel with the cantilever scope mount?


Firstly, you know you posted in the "930 Autoloader Section" correct? Then you mention "500 Deer gun" so which is it? ;)

I'm seeing NEW 88s go for around $275ish with TWO barrels, an 18" and 28". Almost worth it just to get an extra barrel then sell off the 88 with field barrel for a quick $200. But you are correct, going rate for short barrels is $200+.

But like Joker suggested, see if you can find an older fixed choke version and shorten it. A lot of the older barrels also didn't have vent ribs on top and are easier to cut. You'll need a "non-common" tap to install/re-install the bead. I forget the size...

If you end up cutting your 28" barrel, search my handle and posts as I've done it several times.

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^ That's actually not a bad price for the tap, drill and front sight.

That's about what you would pay purchasing them all separately.

I'm not really a huge fan of 3-56 threads though. And appears that's the only one available at this time.

6-48 is much larger diameter and more robust for an actual working gun, rather than a "gentlemans gun".


Does any know if Mossberg is discontinuing the parts for the 930 now that they are producing the 940? I have been looking everywhere for a decent (condition and price) 18.5" barrel. It seems like all of their parts are out of stock and not listed anymore.


mossberg discontinued 930 barrels. i had orders open for over 2 years with several online vendors and they recently cancelled them citing that the part numbers had been discontinued by mossberg.

seems the 930 line is pretty much dead. mossberg has moved to the 940.


Well that sucks! I suppose however in the normal course of things as product lines expand and improve that that is always a possibility.
There is always however, the used Barrel market.


I do not think they are interchangeable. I will however check because that is a good question. It would seem however with the new design piston they would be different because the gas cylinder is integral with the barrel.