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Mossberg 930 Breacher Barrel - Barrel Bead Misaligned


I recently purchased a new breacher barrel for my 930.

As soon as I installed it, the white dot bead was not centered to the barrel.

Basically it was tapped off center to the right.

What a bummer, placed the order Feb 2023, finally arrived today and the bead was off center to the barrel.

What makes it challenging is that I live in Canada so I can't deal with Mossberg directly, and it's not like the barrel was cheap, it was $312 USD.

I messaged the distributor about the issue, hopefully a simple resolution.

It would be best if I could take the barrel to a gunsmith and have them tap it for me properly, Mossberg would pay for the service, but I am unsure if they would.

Anyone have this issue before?


I recall several years back there was a run of 930s or 590s (and maybe other Mossys) that had front sight alignment problems. I think resolution involved sending the gun back to Mossy, and even then results were not satisfactory. But don't quote me on this--my memory isn't as good as it used to be :( (or ever was ;) ).

How far off are we talking? Are you sure the bead isn't brazed in place vs tapped?

Someone may be along with more info than I can offer. Good Luck!


In actual operational use sights on most breacher barrels are never used given you're pressing the breacher end against the target to achieve standoff and release pressure.

But I'm not sure what your intended use is???

I seem to remember that the front sight on most breacher barrels is silver soldered in place. Shine a flashlight down the barrel to see if it's tapped. If not, any good gunsmith should be able to rebraze it. Good luck.



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FWIW the breacher barrel on my 590 had a screw in sight.
A normal height sight is not very helpful with the large diameter of the BB. A Big Dot front sight works very well with the BB and can be epoxied on where you want it.
Normally you use a supplied small post screwed into the barrel to locate the BD but with care you could mount it without the post.
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Thanks for the replies. I could remove the bead and just put a set screw in there as I normally just look down the barrel like I do when trap shooting.

I would do that if the barrel was $100 or so, but at its price point it would be best if it came without issues.

I got the breacher barrel because the regular barrel was unavailable and I wanted a woods 12g. I won't be breaching anything, but it's what was available at the time.

The barrel came with the longer white brad sight. It is tapped, I removed it and it's tapped all the way through the wall.

I attached a picture I found online.

I did contact the distributer, they are reaching out to find out what they can do with Mossberg.

What a bummer though, straight iron sights is a must for my OCD.


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Barrels can be darn hard to find. Getting a defective one? Ugh.
It took me a couple years to find an 18.5" non-BB for the 590. Got some nice ghost ring XS sights on it now!