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Mossberg 935 Magnum Autoloader Troubleshooting...

Yea, I tried that too and it didn't like to load the high brass shells either. I'm thinking I should just send it back and see what Mossberg can do for it.


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Strange. Though it sounds similar to issues folks have had with the 930 too but it should have run the full power loads its intended too. Dumping several shells sounds familiar too and I don't have an auto loader so I don't recall the fix. You could peruse the 930 section... Or as you said, contact OFM.


Joe, how heavy is the spring that came with your extension? Sometimes the longer extensions come with a heavier spring that doesn't always work well unless cut a bit shorter. We run Wolff magazine springs in our guns as they are a bit lighter and can be run in longer extensions without creating too much tension.

Another possible issue could be your follower or the concentricity of your extension nut. The factory follower in a 935 is short and was never intended to go past a magazine tube seam. If the follower hangs as it feeds you can get a temporary lack of tension against the shell stop. When you cut your spring, make sure you turn both ends down and in just a bit. This prevents the spring from digging into the extension cap and/or follower and binding as the spring compresses or canting your follower in the tube. As for concentricity of your magazine tube and nut/extension, you can remove the extension cap, spring and follower and sight down the assembled magazine tube assembly to see if your nut is canting the assembly at the seam. You can also drop the follower down the assembly with the gun rotated a few degrees more each time and listen for the follower hanging up on transition.

Feed from the tube issues are the same from the 930 to the 935 so there are a lot more resources in the 930 troubleshooting section.


Thank you William!

I think I talked to you about my issue on your website. I do have all the upgrades your company made for the 930/935 (including the follower), but I will definitely buy a new Wolff spring if you think that might help!

It seems to me that it either has to be the magazine spring that is the problem or the shell stop that is the problem.

The follower flows very freely down the mag tube and it seems pretty straight down the magazine bore as well. I did follow Nordic Components instructions of turning the spring ends into the center of the spring body, so I don't think that could be it.