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Mossberg 940 Parts Now Available


We have had our hands on 3 Mossberg 940 shotguns for a while now and have a couple of upgrades ready to go.

It's no secret to 3-Gunners that the OR3GUN line of competition 930 parts served as inspiration for Mossberg's 940 JM Pro. While the 940 is a vast improvement over a factory 930, there is still some room for enhancements to be made when compared to a full 'OR3GUN Ready' 930.

We started with the overlooked recoil system and have created a 940 specific Competition Spring Plunger and Quick-Adjust Spring Retainer set.


We have also introduced an Enhanced Bolt Release specific to the 940.


We have created a CSP/ASR package that should allow you to run bulk loads without issue in an otherwise 'healthy' 940. Just make sure you address that spring burr while you are in there to install your ASR/CSP set as this is still a concern carried over from the 930 models. The ASR/CSP for the 940 lowers the spring pre-load around 7% to improve cycling of lighter loads. The heavier position on the Quick Change ASR is tuned for full power 3" magnum loads. For most 3-Gun purposes, the lighter position will be suitable for light birdshot through standard buck/slug loads. Our CSP is a bit lighter in overall weight than the factory part as well as having the self-cleaning characteristics of our Field CSP found in our 930 parts section. The ASR is the 2-Position, Quick Change version also pioneered in our 930 parts line.



We have several other parts in various levels of prototyping and production for the 940. You've seen what we could do with the 930, so imagine what we have in store for the 940!