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Mossberg model 46 old model, need help on bolt disassembly


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I have a mossberg 46, safety is by turning the bolt. It needs cleaning a maybe a new main spring. I have not figured way to disassemble rear of the bolt. Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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I don't have one, but I have read that they can basically become seized. Most suggest soaking in kroil or kerosene overnight.

Another thing you may also try is an ultrasonic cleaner with very hot water and dawn dishwashing detergent followed by drowning it in oil afterwards. I have gotten more than 1 bolt apart using this method.


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I meant to get back to this sooner. I will use a bolt from a WWF31A (Model 40). In the picture you need to pull the knob out and insert a short split tube. I used a piece of and old shell case about the right size and cut to length, then slit to fit around the shaft. This takes the spring pressure off and the small retainer can be pried down and around the sharp shoulder.
WWF31A bolt parts 1.jpgWWF31A bolt parts 3.jpg
This is similar to the Model 46 bolt
Model 46 bolt bottom.jpg