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Mossberg MVP LC trigger problem


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I have a MVP LC in 308 that I bought 1 month ago. It has been a great rifle. I took it on for my third time and it will not fire correctly. I had no problem with loading or chambering a round. When I went to pull the trigger nothing. I ejected the round pulled the magazine and dry fired it without problem or hesitation from the trigger.

I hand loaded it and still the trigger would not fire. I rechambered again and it fired fine. It repeated fine then back to nothing again. This happened for 2 hours. I cheaned the bolt again. I was using expensive ammunition Hornady match A-Max. I tried cheaper Remington, Winchester. Still it Fired irregularly. Has anyone had this problem with the mossberg triggers.


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Nope.....Had mine for a few months, put maybe 500 rnds through it with no problems at all, using a mix of GGG NATO ammo and homeloads.

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If it aint right I'd politely call, email and fax Mossberg for a label to send it in for a look see. Be patient if need be. All warranty work is done by the service department. They are small and they service, repair and restore all Mossberg military and civilian products 1909 and newer. Just my two cents worth.


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Hey! Sounds like the problem I just described in "Firearms Maintenance and troubleshooting." Every once in a while the firing pin (FP) will fail to go forward. I can re-cock the action sometimes and it will fire, ( sometimes after 2 or 3 trys) or sometimes it won't. Other times it will hang-fire. I originally thought it was an ammunition problem but I don't think so now. I think it has to do with a sloppy bolt and some ammo being "proud" (maybe a littl long in headspace) and pushing the bolt back so the sear will not disengage from the FP. I'm up in arms about what to do about it; send it to the factory or have a local GS take care of it. I'm fairly certain It's not somthin I can readily handle. Curious to know, what, If anything< you did about it, since you posted this 5 mo. ago. I can see it bein a big problem at the wrong time.....


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Sounds similar to the issue I had this week, stripping and cleaning the bolt cured the problem.


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these all sound like the problems I was having with my MVP LC 308, plus a few other issues. I phoned Mossberg and they said its the first the heard of any problems and was told to send it to the warrenty centre in Ontario Canada, after four and a half months it is finally on it's way back to me. after talking to the GS he told me they re[placed the trigger rebuilt the broken bolt and test fired it only to find out the head space was
also way out so I hope it is all fixed now, hope this will help you in what you do.
I bought my MVP LR over two years ago and to this day have still not been able to put a box of shells through it. Same issue, you would chamber a round, pull the trigger, boom, chamber a new round and could not pull the trigger. Recycle the bolt new round, maybe yes, maybe no that the trigger would pull and fire. After a couple of hours I gave up having maybe gotten through 12 rounds. Contacted Mossberg in September of 2016, sent it in, got it back with a new trigger assembly installed, still doing the exact same thing. I was so mad I put it in the gun safe till December. After deer and elk season, that I had bought this rifle for, in December I again contacted Mossberg and they finally admitted they had been having problems with their triggers and that they had a new trigger design they were working on but that they didn't have any yet and couldn't give me an ETA on the parts. They asked me to send it back in but it seemed pointless if they still didn't have a fix. I finally bought a Timney trigger for it thinking that would fix it but imagine my surprise when IT STILL DID THE SAME THING! Well that was it. It has sat in the safe two years now, still haven't gotten through the first box of shells. Haven't even tried to shoot it. Unlike Mossberg, even to just get rid of it, I won't sell a firearm that doesn't work. So I'm forced to keep it as a reminder that.....

1. Mossberg cannot make a rifle that works
2. Never to buy a Mossberg anything again.
3. If I ever want to throw $700.00 away again, don't, cause I already did
4. There should be a lemon law on firearms
5. Mossberg doesn't care about customer satisfaction in the least

I noticed earlier in this post someone mentioned stripping the bolt might fix it. I hate to get my hopes up but I may just go ahead and do that and see. Of course at this point it's a no win. If it works I'll always be wondering for how long and if it doesn't fix it I'll just have gotten madder. Regardless the rifle has no credibility and my old Remington 700 in .270 has served me well. I'm thinking the Mossberg could be used as a bumper jack handle, so maybe it's wasn't a total waste of money


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The cleaning process lasts because you remove the gunk left over from the machining process. Watch the U-Tube videos to get familiar with the process. I clamped the bolt in the jaws of a small adjustable wrench then secured the wrench handle in the vice jaws, then blasted it with brake clean.
Well tried cleaning the bolt. Came apart easily. A warning about the extractor detent ball would have been nice. However it fixed nothing and now until I find the ball (yeah right) it won't extract either. lol I need to just be smart and find someway to dispose of this thing so I can quit wasting time and money on it. But thanks.
Good news, found the extractor detent ball, so it's back together. Spent yesterday e-mailing Mossberg so to answer the original posters question, Mossberg says your pushing sideways on the trigger or pulling the bottom of the trigger and not the lightening bolt first before the main trigger and that's why it's not firing. Apparently their faulty trigger is our fault. So their suggestion seems to be, replace the trigger with a Timney or some other drop in brand and if it's still doing it, then it's the bolt and contact them and they will have you send it in.

Mossberg's direct quote is...

"My apologies for the incorrect information that was provided".

"We are also not having any trigger problems persay, the lightning bolt trigger does have a characteristic that if there is too much side pull or if the larger blade is pulled before the lightening blade, the gun will need to be recocked".

"The trigger has that characteristic and more often than not that is the issue at play. Alot of time sidepull will not affect other triggers but on this trigger it will, I have seen many experienced shooters fall prey to this, as well as pulling the trigger too low which will lock the trigger as it is designed to have the lightening blade pulled first. However if your drop in trigger (Timney) has the same issue the issue may be with the bolt and I will be happy to assist".
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Good news I guess. Had rifle repaired by a local gunsmith. After 2-1/2 years finally ran a whole box of shells through it without a hiccup. So a Timney trigger and a non Mossberg gunsmith fixed it. At least now I can sell it because unlike Mossberg, I wouldn't sell a rifle that didn't work.


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I'm getting the feeling that Mossberg has a real poor design on their MVP triggers. I've fought mine for almost a year and you all are correct when you state their response is "gee we have never heard of that problem". Their trigger sucks - plain and simple. for one, I'll never purchase a Mossberg again period. I just filled out a service request to see if they can fix the darn thing but I'm not holding out much hope based on what I'm reading. A shooter shouldn't have to be so exact as to have to place their trigger finger JUST RIGHT to get it to go boom. I've got over 10 firearms with similar safety devices on their triggers and none fail as often as the one on this MVP LC. So, is a Timney replacement trigger to only solution or has anyone ever had Mossberg actually fis the trigger issues?


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After getting my rifle back from repairs, I took it to the range to test it out. well it fired everytime that I got a round into the chamber, but after firing 3 round it started to have loading problems so I changed out the magazine to a pmag and problem solved. I have not a problem with it so far after firing 100 rounds through it. I decided to check the mags to see what the difference is and found the spring in the pmag is a little bit litter than the Mossberg mag perhaps that is the problem with the loading


what is the best source for a Timney trigger for my MVPLC 308.
Can't remember where I bought a Timney for my MVP, but check MidwayUSA and Brownells for a start. Google is also your friend. The drop in Timney installed in 5 minutes, and it's sweet.


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I encountered the trigger issue for the first time this week (mine is a 5.56 MVP LC). Sometimes releasing the lightening bolt and squeezing real hard allowed it to fire (with light 20 lbs of pressure). The gun dry cycles just fine, and my first mag full of .223 went fine; the problems happened on last 2 mags of 5.56 ammo. It was a hot day, and this happened near the end. So, maybe heat expansion was a factor, or maybe ammo, or maybe mag. I'll try swapping things around, and maybe playing with trigger pull weight.


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The first time I had a trigger problem with my MVP LC 308, I was hunting with gloves on. When I pulled the trigger, I heard a click with a short delay then the gun fired. Apparently the gloves caused pressure on the bottom of the trigger before the lightning bolt was fully depressed. Any pressure on the trigger before the lightning bolt is fully depressed can cause problems. I am a little more aware of finger placement now and have not had the problem again.
All - What is the current Status of the MVP LC (in .308) because I'm looking to purchase either that, or a Savage Arms 10 Stealth Evolution. Have the trigger issues from above been resolved in the current production runs?