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Mossberg MVP LC trigger problem


After getting my rifle back from repairs, I took it to the range to test it out. well it fired everytime that I got a round into the chamber, but after firing 3 round it started to have loading problems so I changed out the magazine to a pmag and problem solved. I have not a problem with it so far after firing 100 rounds through it. I decided to check the mags to see what the difference is and found the spring in the pmag is a little bit litter than the Mossberg mag perhaps that is the problem with the loading
Interesting aside..I have a MVP Patrol in 223/556 and one of the 'Mossberg' metal magazines never really worked. Would not 'grab' the next round and chamber it..The plastic Pmag magazines worked fine..gave the Mossberg AR type magazine to son for his Ruger 556..worked just fine..