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Mossberg SA-20 - Remove Magazine Spring Plug.

I recently purchased an SA-20 that was bought new in early 2020. After removing the Magazine Cap, the Magazine Capacity Plug lifts out easily. The Spring Cap has a little "pin" sticking up that causes the ratcheting sound when screwing the Cap back on, and on the sides of the tube there are two small oval cuts showing the sides of the magazine spring cap, with two little protrusions, flush with tube sides, holding the cap in.

How do I get this cap out? Instructions & Youtube videos I have found are for earlier models, and don't look like mine. When did this style come in to play? Appreciate any tips.

Thank you, Jim.


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I believe I may have the older type. I did not know it was changed.
Can you include some photos? Some closeups of the protrusions and pin might help.
Photos eh? Well, no matter what I do I on other forums, I cannot get photos to post! How do I do this on the Mossberg Owner's Forum? I'll try to read up on it... but I suspect it is same, that I need to upload photos to a "Shared Site", then copy the link into this post... something like this? (Pictures are all ready to go.)

Thank you.
Ha! A temporary picture solution; Add as my Profile Pic! The "Button" on top is the Magazine Limiter plug for hunting. It pulls right out. At 2 o'clock is a little pin that sticks up. It presses up against against ridges on the inside of the Forearm Cap when screwed on to make the ratchety noise when tightening the screw cap. The small black oval shape down the front of the magazine tube is where a small plastic button protudes, but is flush with tube. There is a 2nd one on the exact opposite side. I suspect I need to press BOTH in a same time to be able to pull the Spring Cap up & out.

Hope this helps until I can post pictures properly!!! :rolleye:


Jim, welcome to Mossbergowners.

I can't help you with your plug problem, but I may be able to help you with your pic posting issues.

I assume that the original is on a camera or phone.

For my camera pix I just remove the chip from the camera and slide it into the side of my computer. I copy the picture displayed in the folder then paste it into text box for posting messages.

If you have the picture on a phone, attach you phone to the computer w/ a USB cord and display the photo folder. You can then copy and paste from there. [That works on my Android. Don't know if that is the same for Apple products or others. ]

If you need more detailed instructions, let us know here and we'll try to get you on track.

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Sorry, I can't be much help. This does not look anything like mine.
Does the entire plug come out?
What happens when you press the button?
Mine also does not have the holes in the tube.
Good luck. Post pics when you get it out.
I will try to push the "Side Tabs" together & see if it lifts out; seems only logical way. I'd love to know when the design was changed, and when started making them like this. I was looking at the Weatherby SA-08 20GA, and the one I saw online was identical to mine. Stay tuned...


Not like mine either--I second Brian's suggestion of pushing in the little ovalish buttons. Use a couple wooden dowels or something so you're not marring the finish. It may be under spring tension so be careful...

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Since the SA20 is a Turkish import, I'm going to assume that it's going to be about the same as some of my semi's.

If you notice the slots on the side of the magtube, just push them in and up and it should pop the cap out pretty easily.

The cap is mostly just held in with tension on my Emporer Arms semi, and my Charles Daly turkish import.

I took the black plastic cap out altogether and put on a longer magazine tube.


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I have Mossberg 20-SA bought May 3rd, 2022. The magazine plug and cap are exactly like yours! I emailed Mossberg thinking I had lost something when disassembling. No response, after a week. I'm glad I ran across your post!! The owner's manual picture of the magazine plug looks nothing like ours.



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Mine looks exactly like the OPs. Did anyone figure out how to take it out? Looks like there's only way but dang feels like I'm going to break something if I put much more pressure on the plastic tab


Mine looks exactly like the OPs. Did anyone figure out how to take it out? Looks like there's only way but dang feels like I'm going to break something if I put much more pressure on the plastic tab
OP never updated us on the procedure :( although the pics are helpful, sort of.

It almost looks like it operates like a push pin for automotive body trim. Where pushing in the center "pin" expands the plug holding it in place. To remove, you pull out the pin which allows the plug to decrease in diameter and come out of the hole. THIS IS A GUESS! I don't have one to figure it out.

If YOU figure it out, please update for the benefit of other viewers.

BTW, Welcome Aboard! :)


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Thank you. I will definitely reply back once I figure it out. Got it currently stripped down cleaning it and will mess with it before I put it back together


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Ok took me 15 seconds to figure it out when I looked at it again. In order for the tab to press in you need to seperate the black and white part. I used the plug. Put the plug in just like you would normally insert it. Tilt it at at angle till it catches the ledge of the white part. Will be about a half inch from the top. While holding the black part push down on the white part. Once they're seperate stick something in between to keep them apart while you remove the plug. I used a micro screw driver. Keep the white part pushed down and push in the black tab and it'll come right out.


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