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Mossberg Tactical .22 715T- What ammo you using?

thanks for the welcome.

glad this plinker cycles the cheaper ammo as we enjoy shoot A LOT. Both gun and bow, thankfully you can reuse arrows over and over. :lol:
I heard that!

Got back into shoot'n a bow recently thanks to one of our mods and resident archery guru MikeD. It's sure a heck of a lot cheaper than hit'n the rifle range... :D

Stop on in the archery sub-forum, we'd love to see what equipment you're using...

New to the forum. Just bought a new Flat Top a couple of weeks ago. Haven't had a chance to shoot it yet as the weather here in Colorado has turned crappy so have to wait for the snow to stop so I can get to the woods!! 22LR has been scarce here but I was able to find some Federal Auto Match today at Walmart. Reviews look good for it and says it is made for Semi-Autos. Has anyone shot it in their Mossberg 715T?

daughter bought me a box and had it in my stocking . Shot about 100 rounds of it and seems to cycle pretty good, and no FTF or FTE's
Thanks Krypt Keeper. I bought 2 boxes of them so hopefully I can get out soon to test them out. I have several differant brands so surely I can find something she likes to shoot. I have a Winchester 94/22 and a Ruger Single Six and they will shoot anything so they will get used one way or another. Thanks again
I prefer the Fed. Auto Match to most other bulk .22lr...

Good to hear Sir...Thanks for your reply.

I know it is off topic but as everyone knows the 25 round mags are impossible to find....I just saw some on Ebay going for $115 and up...INSANE. I wouldn't mind having another one for my rifle but will not pay that. Glad my rifle came with one. Hopefully the insanity will stop soon!!
Your best bet for additional mags is to call Mossberg sales directly...

(800) 363-3555

CDNN Sports still had some in stock last week before they stopped taking new on-line orders. They shut down their site because they simply couldn't keep up with the sales volume. You might try giving them a call to see if they have any left...

(800) 588-9500
I did...no such luck, they can't keep up with the orders. Guess I will wait until everything calms down. I have the one that came with the rifle and if I can't get one before they ban high cap mags I will just have to go with 10 rounders...can't find them right now either except for ridiculas prices....I will keep searching but I am not going to pay 5 times what they are worth!!!

I didn't want to start a new topic on this.
What is the difference between subsonic and sonic, in fps?
And why does it make a difference.
Just asking. :D
The speed of sound is 1,126 ft/s.

Any ammo that leaves the firearm at velocities less than 1,126 ft/s is considered sub-sonic. Most of the report you hear when firing a weapon is the effect of the sonic boom created as the bullet breaks the "sound barrier" - or - accellerates to a speed faster than 1,126 ft/s. Keep that from happening and the muzzle report will be much quieter.

The ft/s muzzle energy rating on the box is an average of a manufacturers chrono tests out of the specific barrel length they choose for testing. That being said, it could range from a 6" pistol barrel to a 24" or longer rifle barrel. Since energy increases the longer the gasses expand in the barrel, longer barrels will generate more muzzle energy than shorter barrels up to the point that gas expansion ceases. So, the muzzle energy on the box is not always what you get out of your weapon. Long story short, ammo rated at super-sonic velocities (greater than 1,126 ft/s) out of a 22" barrel will likely produce sub-sonic velociteis from a 16" barrel. Most .22lr ammo will be sub-sonic when fired from a short barreled handgun.

As far as accuracy goes, the idea is that the sonic boom created when the bullet passes the speed of sound affects the bullet's trajectory thereby affecting the point of impact on target. Since every single bullet and powder load is minutely different, this added variable is undesirable when shooting for pinpoint accuracy. Remove the sonic boom from the equation and in theory the result should be an increase in consistency on target. Personally, I have noticed a significant increase in consistency on target using subsonic ammo when shooting with or without a suppressor.

Hope that answered your question...
In reality, not much... About ten decibels. Speaking from experience, suppressed works better, sonic, or subsonic.

Now I just need the question answered about the twist on the barrel, and if it is truly threaded or is it pinned?
kliph said:
Let me post this again.???
Just how much quieter will the report be with a sub-sonic?

You didn't post last time, you typed in the comments section as you reported my post to the MODs/ADMIN. Fortunately, I know some people around here and I didn't get in trouble. :lol:

How much quieter?

Average super sonic .22lr ammo is in the range of 145db, just over the max recommended level of 140db for use without hearing protection. Non-suppressed subsonic ammo comes in at around 135db. Suppressed subsonic ammo can drop to levels of 110-120db depending on the quality of the suppressor...
>>>You didn't post last time, you typed in the comments section as you reported my post to the MODs/ADMIN. Fortunately, I know some people around here and I didn't get in trouble. :lol:<<<

Wow! My bad, sorry. I got to pay attention more.
Glad you know someone.......yourself. :roll:
Won't happen again, I hope.

Do you know what the db of a 22 short would be, just wondering.
I know I can't use them in my 715t.
Taking my 715T out today. Had trouble using Winchester Super X last time. Put 100 rnds through and had it not cycle in the new round probably 75 of those times. Any suggestion on brand and fps?
I've gone to the range twice this week and put over 300 rounds through my 715. I went through 300 rounds of Remington Golden Bullets (HP) without a single problem. I then put a magazine of American Eagle...MAJOR issues. I gave up after trying 5 shots with 5 FTE so I pulled out the mag and took out all the American Eagles.

Hopefully I can use them up in my Ruger pistol, but I'll never buy them again.

I also HIGHLY recommend the CCI AR Tactical ammo. I went through a box of 375, most in my pistol, but a couple of mags with the 715, and not a single problem with them too.

The Remington's are usually cheaper. I can get 525 of those for less than the 375 box of the CCI. I can usually find the Remington at Dunham's Sporting Goods.