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Mossberg Tactical .22 715T- What ammo you using?

The only time I've got to shoot mine, I ran about 100 rounds of Federal (the 550 bulk Walmart pack). I think I had 1 dud but no problems feeding or ejecting.
Ok, where are people finding 500 round boxes for 20 bucks? I keep finding 500 rounds for close to 40 bucks... More than I want to pay, but I do it anyways... I want more than I can find.
I've been using Remington Thunderbolt, .22 long rifle, lead round nose, 40 grain in a 10 round magazine with no issues. However, some folks are not as fond of these and have experienced less than stellar performance.
Natchezss.com has cci tactical in stock right now. One box limit and unfortunately a shipping charge.....$24.99 /325.....depends on how bad you want it.
Would using game shok bird shot cause damage to the barrel? I was thinking of taking a couple of crows out of the field tomorrow, but wanted to make sure it won't hurt my barrel.
Decker said:

Any thoughts on this stuff? Has anyone used it the 715T?
I have not used this particular product. I would be highly suspicious that any subsonic ammo will cycle a semi-automatic rifle--particularly this rifle. Particularly since this has 40gr bullet (rather large for a 22lr subsonic round). I have used the Agilla Interceptor (1470fps, 190 ft-lbs muzzle energy). They are great--but quite dirty. But the Interceptor will cycle my 715T rifle without flaw. I would be highly suspect of any ammo that is less than about 1150fps or less that about 120ft-lbs energy. This is just my experience with this rifle. Mine has quite a strong bolt spring for a 22lr. Maybe this helps--maybe not.
^ I have to agree here.

The 40gr Aguila in your link is rated at only 1080fps muzzle velocity with only 64 ft. lbs. muzzle energy. Might not have enough poop on it to cycle your action properly...
Rkillion said:
Would using game shok bird shot cause damage to the barrel? I was thinking of taking a couple of crows out of the field tomorrow, but wanted to make sure it won't hurt my barrel.

Won't hurt your barrel, but these will turn your rifle into a single shot.

The cartridges are not designed for semi-auto firearms. Without a solid bullet in the chamber to build up back pressure, your action likely won't cycle at all forcing you to pull each round from the chamber by hand. These cartridges are not meant to be loaded into magazines either, so loading/feeding from an already picky 715t mag would be a monumental PITA...
I can't find ammo anywhere anymore, I had 100 rounds of CCI, whch worked perfectly, but that's all I've fired through my gun so far. Went out to 3 stores yesterday and only one had .22 ammo in stock, so I bought one box, which is Gemtech Subsonic 42 grain 1020 FPS, in a 50 box for $7... only ammo I could find. Haven't tried it out yet, but reading above it sounds like it won't work too well.

Is there anywhere with good ammo for this rifle for a decent price? I also got a Ruger 10/22 and a Mark III, so would like some ammo for those too, haven't fired those in a few years.
Okay, so I've been looking around for a good type/brand of ammo to use for the 715T. I've read through the replies here too. I was wondering if these were good to use:

1. CCI AR Tactical Rimfire Ammunition 22 Long Rifle 40 Grain Plated Round Nose
http://www.midwayusa.com/product/337297 ... box-of-375

2. CCI Mini-Mag High Velocity Ammunition Troy Landry Special Edition 22 Long Rifle 36 Grain Plated Lead Hollow Point
http://www.midwayusa.com/product/979430 ... box-of-375

3. ??? (Any suggestions)
I've shot Winchester wildcats only one dud out of 100 .....shot 200 rds cci select no problems....but honestly I like the remington subsonics the best shot 100 rds of these 2"group at 50yrds no ftf or fte issues and these r low vel rds at only 1040 fps cycles smooth and is almost silent the only downfall is the subsonics drop almost 2" at 75 yrds for me it isn't a issue as I'm shooting rats and rodents most closer than 40yrds

Ammo is getting scarce in my area I can nolonger buy REM subsonics locally and the cci selects are flying off the selves faster than they come in looks like I may just have to get some bulk orders just to keep enuf around for a yr or so
Can I use Remington Golden Bullet High-Velocity Rimfire Ammo, .22 Short, 29 Gr., LRN ammo in my Mossberg Tactical Semi-Automatic 22 Long Rifle?
I figured I would post this in this thread as well.
I fired my 715 for the first time today and put between 250-300 rounds of 36-grain Federal ammo through it with no problems at all. I have a box of CCI Stingers that I'm going to try next and I anticipate no problems with those either based on what I've read.

Also, in this thread I read about someone keeping their ammo in a plastic bottle, that's a great idea. I just keep mine in the box it came in, but put that box in an ammo can that I put a lock on (see below).



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The only guns i have problems with ammo is pistols. Ive ran every kind of ammo i can find threw all my rifles and they all cycle fine. Ofcorse i have a few hickups here and there but nothing like with pistols. I usualy save any round that doesnt work in a pistol and it always fires in a rifle i dont know why they just seem more reliable.

Even this mossberg i find it more reliable then any rimfire pistol i have.

I do notice with some of the cheaper ammo the consistancy isnt the same as better brands. What i mean is sometimes shooting say golden bullet ill have a full mag BOOM BOOM BOOM then one round will seem light like a poof like its not loaded as full or something and its a very weak round.

With CCI i never notice any difference from round to round. They always seem the same power.
Would the federal game-shok,25 grain,#12 lead bird shot work in the 715t?
If yes,cool..if not, what would it damage or do to the rifle?
I dont remember seeing it on here,unless i just skipped it,ori just dont remember... Whcih could very well happen in my case....lol
Thanks guys.