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Mossberg turkey barrel/sight issue


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Over the winter I picked up a new turkey barrel for my 930. It comes with the standard snap on turkey sights that come on barrels for every model. At the same time I also picked up a set of sights for my 835, which has had nothing but the rib since I refinished it.

While patterning over the weekend I noticed it was shooting really high. Aiming at the base of the turkeys neck I was shooting over it at 20, 30, 40 yards. I lowered the sight as low as it would go and was still shooting high. I slide the sight back further down the rail and it helped a bit but was still high. This occurred with the factory choke as well as my favorite choke.

I was going to blame the new barrel but when I shot the 835 I experienced the exact same issue.

Has anyone else experience this with Mossberg turkey sights?

I've used Truglow snap on sights with both of these guns for years and never had an issue shooting high. I wanted the Mossberg sights as they are metal, lower profile and looked more durable than the Truglow

I ran out of shells so I didn't get to test sliding them all the way back to the receiver, I never thought it would take a whole box to get close.