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Mud Shooting


.270 WIN
I finally got a chance to break in my Mossberg 500 Persuader. A friend of mine is the head of a water dept in a small town so we went to the wastewater ponds outside of town. One of the ponds was partially drained so it was half shallow water and half mud. Shooting in the mud was a perfect way to see the patterns. And of course, I forgot to take a camera so I included the drawing below.

I shot 10 rds of 2-3/4 Fed target and game load (7-1/2 shot/1.5 oz/400 pellets) and then 10 rds 2-3/4 Fed 127 00 buck. He had one shell of 3" Magnum 00 buck and I shot it as well.

The pond was 8 ft deep and we stood on the edge at ground level. The first birdshot was about 20 ft and spread in an elliptical circle about 2-3 ft. At around 30 ft the spread was about 5-6 ft, and at around 50 ft across the width of the pond, the spread was an impressive 15-20 ft across. All birdshot was very uniform in coverage.
We next shot the F127 and at 20 ft it made an irregular hole in the mud about 4-6" and patterned around less than a foot - I noticed the pattern was not as uniform as the birdshot - the bulk of pellets made a hole less than a foot with a couple of chunks of mud torn up maybe a foot away from center. At 30 feet it was not too much different. The 3" Magnum shell I shot beside the 20 foot hole the 2-3/4 made and it was about the same spread, but impressively it drove into the mud almost a foot.

The birdshot and the F127 kicked less than I expected and probably was helped by the collapsible stock absorbing some of the recoil. After 20+ rounds shot I had little to no tingling, and zero shoulder pain or stiffness later. But the 3" Magnum was another story - big kick and my brain said to me, "man, shoot six or more of these and get out the liniment." :D

So, lots of fun and I was pleased to discover that I could control the gun shooting from the shoulder or hip. And it was very educational to see the birdshot patterns since I will hunt whitewing dove this fall with this 18" barrel and know what distance and pattern it will produce.


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...and here I thought Mud was involved in a shooting...whew...glad you're safe !! ;) :lol:

( Hey Mud...I figured you'd be the shooter, not the shoot-e !! ;) )


SHOOTER13 said:
...and here I thought Mud was involved in a shooting...whew...glad you're safe !! ;) :lol:

( Hey Mud...I figured you'd be the shooter, not the shoot-e !! ;) )

How does that song go? I never drew first but I drew first blood .... :D


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Sounds like fun, I've shot at cow patties, that was kinda fun to flingin cow poop with target loads!!!

Mud, glad youre alright!