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Muzzle Devices; Brakes, Supressors, Flash Hiders... etc.


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Seems we dont have a dedicated thread for this stuff. Why not?

We need pics!!! We need to know threading and technical ... stuff. I have no idea what I'm talkin about here, but I know many of you know a good deal about this stuff.

I'm wantin to look into somethin for my rifle and maybe future rifle/s. Theres so much out there, where does one start? I mean, an image search turns up some cool stuff but I cant make heads or tails of it and whats reputable and whats gimmicky.

I want somethin thats functional and looks cool too, but not over the top futuristic with spikey lookin stuff stickin out of it. Maybe somethin longer than what I have with like angleporting. What about the birdcage designs?

Help me out folks, help out MO here!!! :D And you all already know how much we like pics! ;)

Some technical info on barrel diameter and standard TPI;

M4/AR mil-spec barrels;
TPI: 1/2x28
Barrel dia: .750

AR10 7.62
TPI: 5/8x24
Barrel dia: .775

AK47 7.62
TPI: 14mmx1.0
left hand thread
Barrel dia: .875

M16/AR15 poistol caliber 9mm
TPI: 1/2x36
I kinda like stuff like this;


The names I know are Vltor, Noveske, LaRue...
So after doin some readin it seems M4/AR barrels are threaded 1/2-28. Is that correct?

I've been lookin at LMT, YHM, Spikes Tactical... The only thing I have any experience with is the standard A2 flash hider with solid bottom and 5 slots around the sides and top.


I like stuff like this LAW muzzle brake, but this one particularly is only available for .22's and .30 cal.


I like these styles, but also olike the solid bottom of my A2 flash hider. Is there a compromise? Anyone have any ideas? Am I typing to myself? :D
Heres the birdcage style, this one the model 51T by AAC;


AAC for sure has models for the .300 Blackout and for .308 I belive.

Here are specs for M4/AR rifles chambered .223/5.56;

Technical Information:
• Caliber: 22 Cal/5.56mm
• Thread Pitch: 1/2"-28
• Length: 2.125"
• Finish: SCARmor

^ 1/2-28 for .223/5.56 AR barrels is correct.

I'm a big fan of the Primary Weapons Systems FSC556 Flash Suppressing Compensator...

PWS: FSC556 Flash Suppressing Compensator

The FSC556 runs about $100, but does an excellent job with muzzle control and the side-to-side gas disbursement keeps the muzzle flash out of your line of sight. I've got one on my SCAR 16s and absolutely love the thing...

Rossignol said:
So after doin some readin it seems M4/AR barrels are threaded 1/2-28. Is that correct?

Most 5.56 and 22LR AR15 barrels are threaded 1/2-28.

Many 9mm AR barrels are threaded Colt standard 1/2-36, although 1/2-28 is equally accepted in this caliber due to the abundance of 9mm suppressors in that thread pitch

Most 6.8 SPC and 30 caliber (300 blackout and 308 AR10's) are threaded 5/8-24

Not that 9mm and the alternate calibers couldn't be threaded 1/2-28 because they could (and sometimes are), but years ago, the general concensus was to thread alternate caliber barrels different thread pitches so people couldn't unknowingly install a 5.56 (wrong caliber) flash hider on a larger caliber bullet that the hole was too small for the bullet to fit through on the gun, and thus blow it up.

Hope that helps answer your question.

Just FWIW, I try to get barrels threaded on almost everything I have in 1/2-28 so I can use my silencers on them all.

Since you added Suppressors to the list of muzzle devices, here are a few of my pictures ;)








John, good deal helpin to fill in the details, Great bit of info and great pics!!!

LES, yes, I remembered that one but couldnt remember where it came from. I looked those up on Brownells after your post!

While doin so, I found these from Vais.

Vais Muzzle Brake, Brownells

And I found an A2 flash hider through Noveske can be purchased for $10...

Back to PWS, I like this one too!

I came across this one and it looks very interesting to me. A tunable compensator called the EFFEN-A! The plugs in the picture are all threaded plugs that you add/remove depending on what you need/want.


Here is a youtube link (I can't figure out the embedding issue)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl ... l6ipvaDgoQ

I hope to get one at some point and try it out. That is when my local shop gets my forend in I ordered so I can complete the rifle...
The JP Enterprise Recoil Eliminator brakes are the best comp's I have ever used bar none. I still have one hanging on a shelf in my shop because I can't bring myself to sell it, but man it's obnoxiously loud.

John, those look sweet, but obnoxious!!!

Does anyone know off hand the standard diameters for some of the more common firearms? I've come across a few sites now that are listed not by firearm, but by diameter. So like .750 and light contour barrel...

If not, I'll start gettin stuff together! ;)
Bull barrels are typically very near a full 1 inch in diameter

Standard barrels and M4 barrels are .750

lightweight barrels are usually ~.650
Thanks again John,

I've started searchin some specs and have edited the OP to reflect what I'm finding! :D
I'll have to look more at this thread when I get home. I would be interested to knOw the differences in theses designs and how they function.
rjpoog1989 said:
I'll have to look more at this thread when I get home. I would be interested to knOw the differences in theses designs and how they function.

Cool man, thats why we're doin it! I knew there would be interest and I wanna learn more myself!!!

Silencers and supressors are another category I know nothing about, though most recently i had read it used to be thought silencers were good only for firearms utilizing subsonic rounds, but that even hunters are finding advantages to using them with calibers that arent subsonbic. Hog hunters seem to be benefiting from supressed firearms to drop hogs without the group scattering from the sound of the rifle enabling them to pick off more of the nuisance animals.

Again, I'll say I have no clue but for what I've read but want to learn more as I know many here have actual hands on experience!
A silencer is more effective with subsonic rounds, but will still suppress a supersonic round nonetheless, just not as well as subsonic.

A supersonic bullet is traveling faster than the speed of sound and when it reaches the magic point (usually beyond roughly 1,050 feet per second depending on temperature and elevation relative to sea level) the bullet itself creates a sonic boom somewhere downrange outside of the silencer, just like fighter jets cause, thus making the shot louder. It happens so fast after it leaves the barrel that you can't really distinguish two distinct "booms" but it's there nonetheless.

And since it happens outside of the barrel (and silencer), the loud sonic crack isn't (nor could be) suppressed because it's already way away from you at that point and is why supersonic bullets don't suppress as well.

Subsonic bullets are quiter because there are fewer booms to make quiet and a silencer does make the initial boom (of the muzzle gasses) quieter because it slows them and allows them to cool some before it exits into the atmosphere. (just think about how loud a car is without a muffler and then how loud it is with a muffler). That's the same concept as how a firearm silencer works.

To adequately show the difference between subsonic and supersonic, If you notice in the first 55 seconds of this video with the subsonic bullets, it sounds much quiter, but at 1:00 minute to the end of the video after the supersonic caption, it is much louder and distinct and still sounds like a gunshot, although it is still quiter than without the silencer but you can definately hear the sonic crack when the faster bullets are being used.


There is also a little thing that happens with some suppressors that is called "first round pop" where the first shot burns the oxygen out of the silencer and is louder than following shots, but those silencers that it happens on are usually not as good and have too large of an expansion chamber. I did my homework and built mine so the first shot is as quiet as the final shot.

Again, hope that helps explain some of the differences in subsonic and supersonic ammunition while using a silencer.
Thanks for the video link John and for the info! Rather helpful for sure!

I ts possible not everyone who is gonna read through this thread is as ignorant on these subjects as I am, but this is why I'm here folks! I'll ask the nOOb questions do you dont have to! ;)
I have been interested in the Smith Enterprises Vortex flash hider for some years now.

$60 bucks from the factory.