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MVP LC 7.62 Single Load?


Copper BB
I've been sighting in my MVP LC 7.62 and have been having very good results. The biggest issues I've had was getting my eye relief down, but have been getting closer to that also.

I was surprised to find that I could not use my M1A magazines with this rifle ( I missed the fine print). So I ordered in some extra LR308/SR-25 magazines.

The thing I have found as a mechanical issue is single loading with these magazines. So far, the only way I have been able to single load is to remove the mag and prep one round and reload the mag. I need to single load at 600 yds + at most ranges I shoot at. With my AR and my M1A, I've always been able to drop a round on top of the magazine (usually with a sled, but not really required). With these SR-25 mags, the bolt won't move past the magazine unless there is a round in it. I imagine I could load into the chamber and leave the mag out, but I never really liked doing that.

Does anyone know of a fix or possibly a sled that will allow this?


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Yes, the bolt stops on the mag follower when empty, (for those people who can't count :laugh:)

I'm not sure whether anyone makes a single shot sled for them.. this may have to up to your own ingenuity..!



Copper BB
Yes, thanks Daryll.

I did find a sled. Unfortunately very pricey. $60


I had a follower for my AR to convert my 30R Mag for single load in matches.


Was only $20 - something. Much better. Also, reversible.

Wondering if there was a way to modify one of the mags.

I hate the cost of things these days.

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Congrats on the gun.

I'd rather pay $20 than $60 any day of the week. I hate the prices of stuff too.

You may could find a 3d print file online though. There's a surprising bit available for things once you go down that rabbit hole.