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MVP Patrol 5.56 writeup..

wow rolling up on 1 year since I first posted this..
I had some time this past weekend to revisit this rifle.
The magazine randomly falling out issue is gone.. apparently a weak spring, now it takes a little more effort to release the magazine, but it beats the mag falling free after about 4 shots.
I probably put about 50-75 rounds through it this time around.. and noticed no issues cycling the bolt, or feed hiccups. Accuracy with 5.56 is still crap though, I was using LC XM193 (55gr.) and the same 3+ MOA groups that I reported earlier.

Lets face it these things do not like 5.56... they prefer .223.

When its running properly the rifle is a smooth shooter, little felt recoil and probably a good trunk gun.
I would not use 5.56 if your doing anything other then punching paper.. best factory load performance I have encountered so far is Winchester .40 grain .223.


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Thank you for all the time and work put in to make this topic so interesting and informative.


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ate to the game. But when you use non-match quality ammo, you should not be surprised of non-match sized groups. The elements that will determine if you can achieve a decent group are the: Rifle, Optics (and how it is mounted), Ammunition and Shooter. If you cannot achieve a decent group, you need to isolate which element is actually the cause.

That being said, there is no way you are going to achieve a sub-MOA group when you are using rounds that are not meant to group less than 6 MOA even with match rifles. You cannot really say that a particular round (ie: the 77-grain Blackhills Match ammo) will not properly group unless you verify that your rifle "likes" that round in the first place. Outside of achieving a decent group, chronographing is another way to help identify this. And yes, this can be a very expensive and time consuming process. Most of the time I have had to shoot multiple match ammo samples before I can identify one or two rounds that a rifle likes. I had to run through more than a half dozen match rounds of various makes and models before I was able to identify particular ammo makes and models that my F-Class rifle (Savage Model 12) likes enough to be used in competition.

Don't forget to sacrifice a few chickens and goats to the Ballistic Gods before you attempt any of this. Sometimes how you let their blood drip on the ground will make a difference on how well your test goes. Good luck!!


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I was seriously considering one of these. A local shop has two, but for every positive review there seems to be 5 negatives. This thread is probably the nail in the coffin.
Its a shame too. I really liked the size and handling.

OP, thanks for all your hard work.
My Patrol is just used for range shooting. The only mod on mine is the Tromix mag well. Seems to cycle fine but that's at the work bench since the range here is closed due to the pandemic. Lots of time on my hands so I've been reading many reviews. My Patrol is accurate to 50 yards and seems to handle both 223 and 556 without any problem. I have ample ammo and have been reading many reviews. The Ruger American Ranch in 223/556 seems to be almost a carbon copy. I'm leaning toward a Henry H015-223/556 Single Shot. Like I said I'm just a Range shooter who is waiting on the Range to open. I'll keep the Mossberg Patrol and will shoot it once the ammo returns to sanity. A single shot will slow my shots per hour and make my ammo last longer.


But wait it gets better.. during my ammo testing every magazine functioned properly EXCEPT the Mossberg 10 rd.

Pretty old thread BUT..I got my Mossberg MVP Patrol back from Mossberg(sights not centered on barrel)..they replaced the barrel and all is fine BUT..of the 3 Mossberg 10r mags and 2 MagPro one..One of the Mossberg mags will not feed properly...just jams the bolt when trying to feed a round...all from first to last. You can 'kinda jam' the round in there but..gave it to my son with a Ruger AR-556..and it works fine in his rifle so...