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My 1st Semi-Auto!

So I've just put down a holding deposit on a new 935 Waterfowl..

I had originally planned on a 930 but not only was I offered the new 935 at a price I simply couldn't say no to, but a friend of a friend was skeet shooting with one and it was cycling 2 3/4" cartridges flawlessly. Although he did say they had to be hot cartridges. I personally watched him put 3 boxes through it without a single hang up.

Unfortunately I won't take possession of the gun until early December as I'm working away from home. So impatient to get my hands on it and start shooting it!!

Post pics when you finally get it...along with a range report !!
Thanks. Yep I'll be sure to get some pics up. There doesn't appear to be enough 'big boomers' on the forum..

Think I will treat myself to a Wisport 120+ Rifle Case at the same time..
I know the big 935 has an over bored barrel but will I be able to shoot steel through it ok?

You will have no problem with steel. Only issue with the over-bored barrels is that you should not shoot slugs through them (They do make special slug barrels for these guns that are not over-bored) My over-bored 835 patterns really will with turkey loads so I doubt you will have an issue with steel.

Congrats on getting a good deal!!! Post up some pics when you get it.
Thanks for the reassurance Mike. Rest assured I will upload plenty of pics as soon as I get it.

I'm pissed that I won't get my hands on it until early December. Getting impatient already!
Funny how time can just slow down when you are waiting for something. LOL
While patience may be a virtue for some, it's rough on the rest of us.

*I'm in the rest of us crowd. I hate waiting for anything. Payday. Red light to change to green. Christmas. You name it.
Congratulations! Can't wait to see it!

Steel is no problem, just watch the chokes.

We have a thread for 835 choke tubes but info will be interchanable with your 935.
Thanks guys. I will post some pics as soon as I get it. I'm already planning some modifications for it, though they will be subtle..

I've also changed my mind regarding the case. Instead of the Wisport which I think will struggle to swallow the waterfowl-spec 28" barrel, I'm going for an AIM50 bag. I fondled one at the shop where I'm getting the gun and the quality is exemplary. It also accepts the full length 935 with ease :)
So like the title says, this is my 1st auto-loader. Am I the only one who, when they got their 1st auto-loader, got very slightly aroused locking the bolt back and hitting the release button a few times? Kachunk! Kachunk! Oooooooooooh.....

Do I have a sickness? You betcha! :)

I've already replaced the standard charging handle with the "tactical" one from the 930 JM Pro. Feels so much nicer to use. :)
Unfortunately yes, it is a sickness.

There is no cure but the symptoms can be managed with frequent trips to the range and buying lots of ammo. You've already joined a support group which is another important step toward managing your addiction. Good luck, we're here to help...
Guys. I've been looking at a magazine extension tube. I know NC seem to be the brand of choice but I just don't like the look of the diagonal cut of the retaining nut. Just something odd about it (and me. I admit it).

Looking at an alternative I can also get the Choat version. However I need some advice.

NC list there 935 version as being the same as the 930. However Choat list the 935 separate from the 930. In fact they have there 935 version being the same as the 5500 and 9200. How can this be?
Does it possibly include a clamp? I'm not certain the differences except that the 935 barrel is a larger diameter. The magazine I would think is the same.

If I was buying an extension right now, I'd buy the Nordic. Without a second thought.