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My boys first gun....


Today my grandma came down to visit and one thing lead to another and the boys ended up bringing home....


Its a Rossi Matched Pair 410/22, I think it will be a good gun for them even though the youngest is a few years away to say the least. He dont turn 2 till July. :cool: However the oldest (7) should be able to get some serious teeth cutting here.

Also looked at a Mossy 715 might have to put the potential 10/22 build on hold that is one nice lookin little gun.
Awesome!...that's my kind of grandmother. I hope they cherish it as much as they enjoy it. Remember, safety first!
Those are good little youth guns.
I like the extra safe he needs both hands right now to pull the hammer back, so it a good way to be a little extra careful and teach him how to use a safe.
Single Shot! WOO! My fiance started on a Rossi .243/20gauge that was handed down to her brothers and it is still in their family working like a charm!
That's a great gun for them!!! But the key to great memories is no tragic mishaps. Preach to the kids everytime you let them shoot--_GUN SAFETY.

Don't just preach it, go by it. It's amazing what they see you do with the thought of being "like dad".

I come from an outdoor type of life as a child. Keep your kids outside! Lol. Teach them hunting and fishing. Keep them shooting. Firearms and archery create life long family moments.

But preach the SAFETY.