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My first Ruger rifle


.50 BMG

Well strictly speaking it's my wife's, as I bought this beautiful red and black .22 and a 100 Golden Bullets for her Valentine's Day present this year. :)

But of course I will get to do all the cleaning, so it's her gun but it's my baby.

I just bought the scope last week and sighted it in for her but she hasn't shot it with the new scope yet.


It's a Davidson's exclusive & I get a Davidson's lifetime warranty with it. Even better it's the 50th Anniversary Edition of the the Ruger 10/22.

The laser engraving on the bolt.

The scope is the Vortex Diamondback. I got a good price on the rifle but I bought the vortex at Sportsman's Warehouse so the price was average or worse. It's not a bad scope I don't think it's as clear as my new Leupold but it's got Parallax adjustment down to 30 yds.

That's what made it desirable on a .22 rifle for someone with terrible eyesight. She should be able to shoot from 25 yards out to 175 yards with a little practice.

On my first trip to the range I was about four clicks off at the 25-yard Target. I made a couple really nice groups at 50 yards. I'll leave the rest of the sighting to the lovely Judy.

I know she'll do well with it because red is her color.


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Nice....I'm looking forward to a range report and plenty of pix man....