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My Mossberg 500 HD shotgun build


.270 WIN
I posted my 930 HD shotgun build in the 930 forum. Basically it's now a 940 Tactical with what I modified on it, see description here:

Now, I've finished my Mossberg 500 build. I like simple, big dot up front, not a fan of GR sights, I like simple 2-point slings, simple lights, that sort of thing. My mods on this gun are:

- Magpul SGA stock and forend (required longer action slide tube)
- Magpul Type 1 and Type 2 QD sling mounts
- Magpul MS1 sling
- Brown Coat Tactical shotcard
- Magpul 5-slot picatinny polymer M-LOK rail
- Streamlight TLR-1 light
- XS Big Dot front sight
- NDZ aluminum safety
- NDZ magazine tube follower

Differences from the photos, I had a barrel clamp with a front sling attachment point but it interfered with the light when I mounted it, so I jury-rigged a fastex buckle and paracord attachment for the front (pictured). I like this setup a lot.

new safety.jpg
new follower.jpg
XS Big Dot.jpg
right side.jpg
left side.jpg
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Looks good. I like simple as well.

Have you checked POA/POI ?

Really very nice pump gun.
Not yet, nitesite. Ordered some bird/buck/slug to reliability check the 930 and will pattern this one when it gets here.
I really like the front sling solution you came up with. You should post a video on this. I would shamelessly copy the idea for one of my M500’s.
@Jmm14534 It's actually so easy, I don't think a video is needed, but I'll take one more photo of the other side of the female clip.

You can see from the photos above I just ran the paracord around the middle of the buckle twice each side, from the outside toward the middle, then I tied a very tight square knot in it, trimmed it close, then flamed it and pressed with the flat of a scissors to mushroom the end a bit so it won't pull out.

The center "rung" in the buckle is up against one side so the other side is recessed, where the knot ends up sitting comfortably. Make it close to the mag tube, it will stretch a little bit. When putting the barrel back on after cleaning, just loop it and give it a single twist before screwing the barrel on.