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My Mossberg 590A1 Mod


Well.... the monstrosity arrived.. after 3 weeks.. :/ +some extras.. ( Back order )


But.. it didnt fit !!!!!
( Picture in your mind a dude thats high on speed and very happy,
whom within 2 seconds look like a guy who have taken 5 Valiums and have lost all hope ! )

"..will fit most Mossberg 500/590 models.." Did obviously not include the A1 !
I contacted NcStar, and after a couple of emails, they said "..the barrel of the A1 is thicker, so its probably that.."
No shit sherlock !? About time to mention that !



In the middle of this, my analythical brain started to compute and i got ideas how disassembly can be done much easier :) Instead of unscrewing three screws ( two on rail and one in middle ) and remove the barrel, you drill a extra hole in one rail so you can access the middle screw directly. I emailed NcStar with that tip and they got happy and sent it to their development team :) I will try myself that later.. extra hole will be here..


So.. what do i do now ? Send it back and get my money back ? And wait more..? No ! Goddammit, lets try fix this crap.. Fu.. it !
After rotating some options in my matrix brain.. i decided to cut the clamps !
A lot of options require tools i dont have, so i have to pick the easier ones..


If lower curve fits the magtube better, i keep that side...
Note that i'm in prototype stage and things will be sanded and painted later. I will just try if it works..
I added some flat rubber pieaces from a bicycle tire.. so now both curves have descent even contact.. no need to sand the upper curve..
Rails are straight and everything seem ok. Time will tell... will test this and finish the details later..




I have to many ideas.. not healthy.. lol
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Added some grip tape to the forend.
I cut it in small pieces of aprox. 19 x 27 mm.


I have pressed down all edges some more and it looks a bit better than the pics.
I got a very nice grip now :)


Forgot to mention that i re-shaped the kydex cheek rest. First time i heated it, i shaped it over the stock, now it is more like a straight U shape.
Painted it matt black. That kydes side makes it look a bit shiny, but the cheek rest matches the stock pretty good i think.
The rifle feels very good in handling and when i go from a ready position up to aiming, the cheek weld is right there and i have the red dot in the middle without fuzz.
I really like how you're resorting to DIY as opposed to just buying Magpul's accessories for cheek risers, stock optimization, ect. If I had the time and patience, I would've followed your lead on my own Mossberg 590a1 build.

Quick word on the front sling attachment; I know you've already spent the money on it, but if you ever feel like changing it out for an even lighter, and probably just as cheap, front sling attachment, check out the GG&G product: https://www.gggaz.com/mossberg-590-looped-sling-attachments.html

I just recently picked one up for my own shotgun. It works very well, takes up little space and adds little weight. Granted the sling has to loop through it, but I have a quick detach buckle on my sling and a QD attachment on the stock-end of my sling.