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My new most favorite YouTube contributor ~ Robert Maddox


Average Guy
He builds pulse jet rocket motors and straps them to skateboards and wagons and bicycles and stuff. And then he rides them on the road, usually without any safety gear and at dizzying speeds. He is having the time of his life. Could you imagine passing him going the other way, with a cherry red hot exhaust rocket motor blowing him along at 50-70 miles an hour?????



.50 BMG
I saw one of his videos a while back. I’m afraid to watch too many of them because I’ll find myself building a jet engine. I have this industrial IHC turbo just sitting on the shelf.

When I was a kid I built flying model airplanes and I built some that were free flying. I always thought it would be neat to build a 1/32 scale replica World War II v-1 buzz bomb. Gasoline powered.

But I was afraid that it would just blow up at the end of every flight, because it could Backflash the pressurized fuel system once the pressure was gone. I couldn’t figure out how to build a regulator when I was a kid. I was just gonna put gasoline into it and pump it up with air pressure.

Anyhow I never tried this, which is why I still have all my fingers.