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My tactical Maverick 88 finally done

My Maverick 88 12 gauge 18.5" barrel: Hogue Overmold Forearm and Adapter Nut, Archangel 7 round shell carrier, GG&G Ami Single Point Sling Adaptter, Single Point Bungee Sling, Phoenix Technology Kicklite Recoil Reducing Stock and Cheek Rest.


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Very nice sir. Have you had a chance to shoot it since you finished it?
Not yet. Need to clear some bushes where I shoot and fill up some 1 gallon water jugs for target practice. Plus I like watching the jugs blow up. LOL
I have an adjustable vertical grip on it right now but not to happy with it. I'm waiting to get an angled grip similar to the FAB Defense PTK. In fact the picture I saw on eBay showed a PTK stamp so we'll see when I finally get it. I'm a little worried that it might be a knock-off so we'll see. One thing I liked about it is that it's 5.5" in length with is the same as my rail.


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