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National Vietnam War Veterans Day, March 29th - Welcome Home


Each year on March 29th the Nation commerates and remembers our Vietnam Era Veterans who served between November 1st, 1955 through May 15th, 1975. In the mid to late 60s and early 70s many returning veterans were met with hate and disrespect. There were no homecoming parades nor welcome home celebrations. In fact, until the Vietnam Memorial was dedicated on November 13th, 1982 the Nation all but forgot the war and the men and women who served during this era. Finally, on May 17th, 1984 the Vietnam Unknown was buried in Arlington. This was the first time many of us visited Washington and the Memorial. It was a day of healing for many!

Today, our youngest Vietnam era veterans are in their late 60s and the oldest ones in their 90s. We are currently losing over 500 Vietnam Era veterans per day. And we still have 1,253 MIAs. Plus far to many still suffer today the ill effects of Agent Orange.

If you know a Vietnam Era Veteran please check on them this week. Say hello and thank them for their service to the Nation or simply smile and say Welcome Home.

This year I'm planning to do something different by posting a number of combat photos each day over the next week. If any of my Vietnam Era brothers and sisters have additional photos please post them. They say a photo is worth a thousand words. Hopefully these photos will provide others, especially those who didn't live throught these troubled times, with some insights into the conflict and the sacrifices so many made.


e305790f015aa4cb4d42825604d146af (1).jpg


The majority of the conventional forces in Vietnam used early models of the full stocked M-16 rifles, M60 7.62x51 machine guns and the M2 Browning 50 cal machine guns. The Special Operations forces used a variety of field modified weapons for missions into the North plus then classified operations in Laos and Cambodia. Pictured below are mostly special operations modified weapons ranging from XM177 & CAR-15 carbines, AK-47s, Thompson machine guns, M1 carbines, several highly modified M79 Grenade Launchers, 1911 pistols, .22 High Standard suppressed pistols, KA-BAR knives and even a 55 lb bow with broadhead arrows.


M7920Man (1).jpg

SOG1 (2).jpg



You forgot the M3, Ernst... ;)

Thank you for your service, gentlemen. :)

I lived in a town called Bristol, RI back in the 90s. They had/have? a very popular, long-running 4th of July Parade every year. EVERY RI politician would make it a point to walk or at least ride a float because to not do so would definitely be noticed and chastised in the news. A bunch of us patriots would set up along side the route and heckle said politicians if they were POSs and cheer on the good guys. Picture this parade scene if you will: a high-school marching band, then a 4H club on a float pulled by a tractor, then some random politician walking, then a fire truck from a nearby city, then this ragamuffin, unkempt group of men with bandanas and battle fatigues and gear sporting the Stars and Stripes and POW-MIA flags. It always brought tears to my eyes to see the reception and cheering Vietnam Vets would receive (and deserved). :)


Something Different Today - Bright Light Interview and Story

On August 09, 1968, Colonel Wayne B. Wolfkeil of the 6the Special Operations Sqdn, 633rd Special Ops Wing, 7th AF was shot down and killed. Wayne and his wingman were providing air support defending a (MACV-SOG) team on the ground that was in real trouble and faced pending annihilation.

The following Interview is with George (Wilson) Hunt and David Wolfkeil, son of Col. Wayne B. Wolfkeil. The video is a discussion of the Brighlight Mission that Wilson performed more than 40 years earlier.



Except for the missing II FFV insignia on the door, this could have been my "office" in 1966. Next to the pintle mounted M60.


HHB II FFV Arty Avn Unit, XRAY 560 --- HQ location in Long Binh Sep 67 -- [Scoop left in Feb 67]
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