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need help with 12 ga eye relief

i dunno if i posted in the right spot or not but sorry if i didn't i got a 500 12ga with a bushnell banner 2-7 and i really like the scope but there just aint enough eye relief when i shoulder the gun i gotta slide my cheek down the stock maybe and inch or two my fathers gun is the same way he has a nikon 3x9 pro staff bdc i am thinking about having our stocks cut down or buying super bantam stocks to try and take car of that one to two inches we have to slide down the stock any suggestions i can get would be greatly appreciated
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I would suggest you replace the stock with a smaller LOP ( length of pull )...but that would not help your father any...unless of course the shotgun is now yours.
How are the scopes mounted? Are they are mounted directly to the receiver or to a picitinny rail? if they are mounted to a rail you might have some ability to slide them forward or back a bit.

If you don't want to relocate the scope, a shorter stock would be the way to go.

Cutting it down is one option. If you want to keep the original stock intact there are a lot of aftermarket options with shortened LOP or adjustible LOP depending on the style you prefer.
both guns have the scopes as far back on our rail as we can move them i forgot to mention that we are both shooting cantilever barrels i appreciate all the help you guys got any ideas were we could order shorter wood stocks? i seen the tactical stock on mossbergs website but i wood on my hunting guns