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New gun comes @home :-)

I can't help but appreciate a nice precision rifle.
@ John...

This stock is the original of this rifle.
The Archangel stock is -in my opinion- a little bit better. You has a more adjustable cheek-riser and a better „pistolgrip“.
But my favorits are stocks like the „Berserker“ from GRS-Riflestocks / Norway.
Very nice, I've heard some good things about Athlon Optics but I really know little about them. Can you get custom turrets for them to match the balistics of your round of choice?
Looks like a very impressive scope!

Unfortunately, like my last rifle scope, the Box claims that it is made by a USA company. Inside you find out that the scope is made in Asia.

That being said my last scope turned out to be a very nice scope for the money. It's just a shame that they have to put "USA" on the box.
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That‘s right but...
On my box is writen „USA COMPANY“ not „Made in USA“.
Looks like that the US-Company let build their product in Asia.
I don‘t want to make anyone nervous but unforunately this is now common practice. Simply to either lower prices or increase the profit.
Even „Made in ...“ as a quality reference is no guarantee for good material but often only the refeference where something was built together.

I know some big and good Companies (also in the US) that manufacture in China but assemble and label their products in the homeland. And... Voila... „MADE in USA“ or „MADE in GERMANY“ or elsewhere...

I search for a scope that comes with MIL-dots and -clicks in the FFP for a small price. Sure... I love Schmidt & Bender but as a beginner in LongRange I spend the saved 1.500,- bucks for training ammunition and in 2-3 years... a new .338, .50 Sako, Barret or AI and a S&B for „Miles and More“ shootings ;-)