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New Maverick 88 Owner


Copper BB
So my coworker bought this for his kid and he never used it or shot it. Never even took it out of the box. I live in Pa and want to do some upgrades to this.
Instead of the folding stock I wanna do an AR type adjustable stock. And want to do a Red Dot but apparently all the optic mounts are all bad that are available.


Rob, welcome to Mossberg Owners from E TN.

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There's several AR style stocks available for these. I think the calvary arms hi/tall one is my favorite, but it probably costs as much as the gun itself.

To be honest though, while I used one of those AR style for years, it makes it harder to engage the slide release lever. So, while I'm not going to talk you out of doing whatever you want to the gun, there are better options from an operational standpoint.

The original stock is still probably the best. The magpul stock, while a greater angle, can still activate and use the lever OK.

Thumb grips though, you have to move your hand at a really exaggerated angle to be able to unlock and release the bolt and slide.


Welcome, congratulations on your Maverick. I love mine. I succumbed to accessory fever for mine and have spent more in upgrades than I did on the shotgun - but, so what? I liked the result.

For an optic mount - of course, you can always drill and tap, but I settled for the TacStar rail mount with sidesaddle. I have a Bushnell RXS-100 on there now, works great, and I love that I can still use the bead thanks to the little channel in the TacStar.

Enjoy that Maverick, and let us know how your modifications work out!

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You should consider the Universal Minishell Adapter from Defender Tactical.


Copper BB
You should consider the Universal Minishell Adapter from Defender Tactical.
Ill never use Minishells. I only shoot 2-3/4" and 3" No shotgun Ive ever fired has been fired using minishells.