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New scope. Newbie Parallax question


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Hey gents. I just got a 4-16x scope that allows to adjust the parallax. So the the manual states, “Parallax compensation changes neither the focus of the reticle nor the focus of the image; it simply moves the planes at which these two objects are in focus so that they share the same plane. Look through scope and place cross-hair on target. Move your head around without leaving exit pupil. Does the cross hair move or become fuzzy or blurry? If the cross-hair moves or is blurry, adjust side parallax until sight picture is crystal clear.”
Here’s where the newbie confusion comes in. When I was playing w the parallax I didn’t notice a lot of change with the reticle but it did however bring the image I was looking at into focus. I put a post card about 40’ away and it was blurry on 16x until I played w the parallax knob. No I wasn’t turning the “focus” that is on the eyepiece. I also noticed that the image wasn’t as clear at different zooms with the same parallax settings. What gives? I thought the parallax didn’t have anything to do with the image, just whether or not the crosshairs “moved” or were blurry? When I play with mine the difference in image quality is fairly extreme. Here she is.


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You need to adjust the eyepiece focus so that the crosshairs are in focus.. (once set, they should always be in focus), and then use the parallax to put the target in focus.. some parallax knobs have approx distances on them to aid focusing.
I honestly think these manuals talk a load of guff sometimes...!! as long as you have a decent cheek-weld on the stock, you shouldn't get any parallax error.. and that knob does affect the focus..


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With the scope/gun in a fixed position (i.e. gun vise, lead sled or sand bags) move your head/eye sllghtly if the cross hair moves around the target you have parallex. Most rifle scopes are set to be pretty much parallex free at 100 yards out of the box. The box or instructions should state the distance where parallex is set.

If you sight them in at much shorter yardages as some pistol and airgun shooters do or if you extend the yardage out you will introduce parallex. A consistant cheek weld will help but being a little off at 100y is amplified when shooting 500 or 1000 yards. Its a way to reduce operator error.