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NIB Mossberg Consecutively Serial Number Model 500 Pump PERSUADER Cruiser Grip Shotguns


Copper BB
I'm a recently joined member. Please excuse my lack of Mossberg knowledge. I have been asked to sell these 2 shotguns and am looking for a recommendation. I think they were made around 1993. They are new in the box. There are two synthetic black stocks that came with them. One is still in the package, the other was opened and has the original label. I appreciate any assistance other members can offer. I thought this would be a good place to start. I am located in Huntsville, Alabama.


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...They are new in the box...I thought this would be a good place to start...
Yes it was. ;) Those appear to be still be in stock at many dealers for around $400 retail. I'm not sure if much has changed from then to now but you could probably sell them New Old Stock for the same price as new. I'm not sure if these would have any "collector" value but if they are in NEW condition there is no reason I can think of that you couldn't get close to retail on them.

You might get a premium for them having consecutive serial numbers from the right buyer. Or consecutive numbers could get an impulse buy from someone--husband/wife guns?

But you can get a new Maverick (Mossberg's "bargain" brand) with full stock and 20" barrel for around $225. Then add $25 for a pistol grip and another $25 for a barrel shroud/heat shield. Then sell the Maverick butt stock for $25. So $250 for a poor man's Persuader...

If you are willing to do the work and make arrangements with an FFL, you might be able to sell them as a pair. You might realize $375 for each, I don't know. But there will be fees and shipping, etc. When you go into the gun store, see what they would give you for them. I think if you walked out with $600 you would be doing good but I suspect they will offer you closer to $500 for the pair. They DO have to make a profit. Maybe they have some collector value I'm not aware of that someone here could tell you about.

BTW, Welcome Aboard! :)

Thanks for the excellent response. That is what I was looking for. Neither has been shot and they are both in the original packaging. I'll price them at $600 for the pair and see what happens. I appreciate the assistance.
One thing I have learned about mossberg shotguns, is they are some of the best and most reliable, but have some of the worst resale valves of any gun I have seen.
Does not matter if they are beat to hell, or like new in box. Seems like no one wants to give anything for them secondhand.
Not to mention selling anything right now seems to be a little tough, being this close to Christmas. Most people are broke.