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Night shoot

John A.

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Will be doing some night shooting this evening up at the property.

Some will be with the night vision, some with lights.

I plan to check the zero on the X-Sight at various distances so I know where my hold should be for sure.
I fail to see the posting of an address and my plane ticket to join you on such a fun activity.
Sorry 'bout the plane ticket, but any of you would be welcome to go with me.

I've been wanting to do a night video for a while.

But I honestly have no idea how it's going to turn out.

It may be all audio with a few flashes of light.
Shoots' over tonight. Man, was that ever fun.

Video will be forthcoming, but according to pewtube it will be about an hour and a half to upload the little 4 minute video [good grief Charlie brown]

In other news, the AR500 punisher skull that I got from Magnum Targets off of ebay, wasn't AR500 after all.

night shoot video canon 010.JPG
night shoot video canon 012.JPG
We've seen bi-metal jacketed stuff like the Tula dimple the AR500 at our range, but damn that almost punched through...
Yeah, that's why I'm pretty certain that it's not AR500 as they claimed in the ebay ad. I've already wrote them an email and told them about it and gave a link to this topic if they wanted to see pictures of what I described. I have 2 other AR500 gongs up there and it doesn't do that to them either.

I must admit though, I think it looks pretty darn cool. At least the shot placement couldn't have been better or more centered if I do say so myself LOL And I got it on video.

As for the digital night vision scope, I was able to check the zero during the day and night at 25 and 50 yards respectively.

It's zero'd at 50, which is why the 25 yard target is slightly low as would be expected. The right bullseye is the day, the left is at night. I'm glad to say that there is no point of impact shift between the day and night modes.

The few shots that aren't marked were backed up to 67 yards, which is as far as I can shoot up there.

night shoot video canon 016.JPG

And the Winchester 1300 is shooting high, but I can live with that for the time being. I may put a bigger bead on the front of it to lower the point of aim some, but I kinda hate to change it. If you look closely in the video, when the weapon light shines on it, I swear it looks like it glows. It's so fast and easy to point. Granted that I was rushing my shots some. It may be better if I took my time and aimed correctly.

night shoot video canon 017.JPG
night shoot video canon 018.JPG

I didn't shoot the Beretta Centurion at paper. I just shot at gongs for that. With and without a light so I can switch things up and use the night sights and to more or less toggle the light on and off while shooting.
Thanks Mike. You're welcome here anytime too.

Nah, I get lucky sometimes ;)
Looks like the scope works......too bad you got ripped off on the target, bastards
It's an ATN x sight.

There is a 3-12 model that is around $485. The 5-18 power model can often be found for $650 or less.

I don't really like to spend as much on an optic as I do the gun itself, but this is one of those rare exceptions. The scope is very versatile, and I like being able to use it anytime day or night all the same.