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I believe he's right. I live in PA. They call most of the state outside of Philthydelphia and Pittsburgh "Pennsyltucky". He ain't wrong!
So he bases this theory on selling guns because owning a gun automatically makes you a Republican. He sells lots of guns in California so California must be a red state.

This is going to be scary to hear... so please prepare yourself...

Democrats buy a lot of guns too!

Well, they sometimes do, but fortunately, they’re mainly shooting each other with them. ;)

If you believe the news, Chicago is the most democrat place in the land. Look at their situation. They buy guns just to shoot each other, while the whole rest of Illinois buys guns to protect themselves from Chicago democrats.

It’s the same here in Oakland etc. At least that’s what I have seen. Your experience may be different.
Holy chit mon!
Huntington Beach California is turning red.

It’s the first rich coastal city to pass a law against public covid mask mandates within the city.
(from Newsweek online today)
"California (D) has experienced the largest number of mass shootings by far (12)"

I believe almost all in the blueish cities,

BUT they report that DC has a much higher rate of gun murder: nearly 15 to 3
(per 100k, each year, from 2010 to 2020.)

Imagine that. DC has almost 5x the gun murder rate of CA.
Wow. I just Googled per capita murder rates, and just, wow! St. Louis at 64+ per 100,000!

As a working person in a quieter area, I still think my chances of being involved in a defensive shooting are vanishingly small. But relative to what they were ten years ago, I'd bet it's higher by at least an order of magnitude (10X).

I'm armed ALL THE TIME, now. Although I've had a CCW permit for over 20 years, I wasn't always as good about carrying as I am now. Even if I go out to put gas in the car, I'll throw a snubby in my jeans pocket if I don't strap up with more.