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I went on a day trip to the Everglades last Wednesday and managed to evade getting caught in the middle of a 15,000-acre wildfire sparked by lightning. The "Big Sandy" fire spread quickly as we cruised the infamous Everglades Loop Road, but the wifey and I managed to get this "shot of the day" - the Barred Owl. The Loop Road hosts a bunch of native wildlife, including scores of gators both large and small.

Whaddaya think ?


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Wow! Pretty incredible monsters. Photographs are about as close as I really want to come.

I can’t understand why we have not hunted alligators to extinction. I can just imagine people protesting to save the gators.

I have plenty of respect for nature if it’s not able to eat me.
I can’t understand why we have not hunted alligators to extinction.
They WERE a protected species from 1973 to 1987 at which time they were removed from the list. Speaking of extinct, the Deinosuchus was a prehistoric ancestor very similar to the alligator. Only this bad boy grew up to 40', weighed up to 20,000lbs, and had a jaw crush pressure of 23,000 lb/ft! :eek:
The next thing you know they will be making bacteria and viruses protected species.

People who think we need to preserve alligators and crocodiles are lunatics. Do they do anything except endanger people and reduce the fish population?

I think the most dangerous thing we have around here is the black widow spider.
Alligator is good eating. Makes fine boots and belts too.

One of my favorite late night shows is swamp people.
I have no problem with people raising the things in captivity for such purposes, even including alligator shows, just don’t let the damn things run wild!

My SIL got one in her garage because she had a habit of leaving the door open during the day. (they had a generator walk off because of that :rolleyes:) She was doing laundry one day and saw the tail sticking out from under her car! :eek: She called police and they "got a guy" that "relocates" them (into his freezer ;) ). Made the evening news. :) Not a very large one, about 6' tip to tip.