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Now is the time to act- the 2nd Amendment needs you!


Copper BB
the past week has shown that logic and common sense are not going to work. The 2nd Amendment is about to get steamrollered into obscurity.

The time to act is now.

First: please use the NRA-ILA website to contact your Federal and State representatives. It is very easy and efficient.

http://nraila.org/get-involved-locally/ ... -reps.aspx

Second, send your representative a short and simple message - feel free to copy or modify the letter below that I sent today:

There's a lot of noise in Washington about Gun Control. The past week has shown that there is no room for reason, logic or common sense. This is a fact and this is where we are.

I'm therefore going to make this short please take this to heart for I am as serious about this as I have ever been in my life:

1. We won't stand for scapegoating.
2. No new gun laws.
3. Remove the phony "gun free" zones which enable killers to go unchecked.
4. Work with us or we will work to retire you.

I cannot make it any clearer.


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Welcome to MO Harry and I like your post above! Great start here in my book.

We are a pretty pro 2A and overall rights supporting group of folks. If you haven't done it already I hope you say hello in the new members welcome area. Feel free to join in anywhere.