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Ohio passes permitless carry


Average Guy
Good news!

But only for Ohio residents.

Alabama just passed it also, but a resident would have to acquire a CCW from the sheriff so they can have reciprocity with participating states.

Shockingly, Ohio has no reciprocity with Alabama, even though both states are constitutional carry and both issue CCW permits.

John A.

Unconstitutional laws are not laws.
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KY is now const. carry too. Has been for a while now.

I considered keeping my CCW for reciprocity in other states, but considered the cost of keeping them, plus how seldom I travel out of state, and decided it wasn't worth it.


I'm confused a little bit.

I've got a spread sheet published in 2021 for TN reciprocity.

Ohio was listed as YES for every column:
Formal Reciprocity Agreement
Enhanced [Best CCW cert in TN - Open or concealed permitted]
Lifetime [non-expiring Enhanced]
Concealed [not valid for open carry]
Retired LEO
Non-Resident Permits​

So with Ohio's new Permitless Constitutional Carry law, may how are TN residents allowed to carry in Ohio?
I guess I'll have some studying to do and maybe some letter writing. Crap.


.270 WIN
And NOW Indiana can be put on the list of constitutional carry states. No need to ask the government for permission to exercise a constitutional civil right. About Damn time! And I went to highschool with the Gov and he acted more conservative than he has as governor.