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OK hunters, would you ?


OK so I have been on the elk in the orchard, its only a matter of timing at this point. Been packing my G29 10mm as my side arm and my M77 in 30-06 for my rifle. Last couple of times I’ve been in there I’ve been debating with my hunting partners killing an elk with my 10mm if it’s inside 30 yards or so. One guy never even heard of a 10mm , the other guy packs a 300 H&H and wouldn’t even consider shooting at an elk with any pistol including any Contender. The other guy is my BF…..I work and reload with him , was his best man and he just shakes his head, he wouldn’t but he knows once I get something in my head I’ll probably do it…..especially if there are doubters.

I’m not sure of the ammo he uses in the video but at one point it looks like he flashes some hollow points, might be XTP’s….might be Nossler Sporting HP

Keeping in mind this is Cow only hunt so we can’t shoot at ANY bulls. I hear them tell stories of 30 yard shots in the orchard…. Check this out, tell me what you think, would you try it ?

I know a lot of naysayers when it comes to hunting big game.

But my point of view, shot placement is key, and if you can kill it with a bow or spear, you can kill it with a gun.

But if it were me, I'd use at a minimum a 30 caliber'ish rifle or 12ga w/slug. Just me.
see my thought was about bow hunting too. Its not like I would just hail mary , I wouldnt do it if it wasnt just right....still might not but it crosses my mind a lot while I'm out there.
Yea it crosses my mind too. Before I put the 9 mil on layaway yesterday (which I still may change to a 40 instead), I was thinking about the 454 Casull because of it's power. With a 7.5" barrel, it has about 1100 ft/lbs of energy at 100 yards making it very acceptable for big game even here in Cali.

But I guess this video proves that in bow range, you can still use a weapon not usually considered as a hunting weapon. Interesting. I would definately consider it especially if you are hunting brushy stuff where a long gun might be more at a disadvantage. :cool:

It’s just that, the challenge. Chances are the shots are going to be rifle range but the guys that have been doing this the last 5 years have a lot of stories of 30 yard kills.....
The way it started was a guy that we hunt in there with had set his gun down because he thought the hunt was over. About a half hour later he was helping another guy gut one and the herd doubled back and started jumping the fence right next to them….having no rifle near he was pissed. I said "you would have seen me drop one with this 10mm” and it went from there.

The more I research the round, I wouldn’t have a problem at all approaching any down game I may be hunting , half the reason I purchased it for back up dispatching
Owning a Glock 21 I would have no problem taking a shot that close with it. Anything further and I might want some sort of scope mounted on the slide.
Check out the 1911 thread over on Winchester Owners.

There's a member "Shrapnel" that posted pics of taking a doe with his 1917 made Colt 1911. Didn't mention a distance though...
I have seen the results of your loads a few times here... I believe that if you put your mind too it.. you would get something really great coming out the end of that barrel. There is a first time for everything :)
We'll see, if a good opportunity presents its self I just might do it on a whim.....some of my best shots were on a whim....just up and "boom" and pull off some shot I could never repeat lol. Really don’t even want to have one run onto adjacent property and I really really don’t want one to suffer. I’ve had all kinds of situations but I always do the best I can and I don’t generally take iffy shots…

You guys ever have those shots that are real fast, you don’t really think about it, you just do it and you couldn’t repeat it if your life depended on it?

It’s always cool when it happens, I have a couple over the years, usually involves a moving target, or airborne or a really small target
I was standing on a boat dock when I was about 10yrs old with a crossman pellet gun shoot'n at a pop bottle I threw out into the current. A bird swooped down into my line of sight and I took a shot from the hip at about 25yd. It nose dived into the water and flopped around until a lake turtle pulled it under. It was in that moment that I understood the power of a firearm and the repercussions of my actions...
I could routinely shoot those big carpenter bee's while in flight with a red ryder.

I quick drew a 177 pellet pistol on an empty old box of tide detergent (you remember, the ones with the big orange dot over the i in the word tide) and shot a perfectly centered hole in the orange dot.

The second was complete luck and I would never be able to do it again.

But I never would've admitted it to my buddies who repeatedly dared me to do it again, but i stood my ground and told them they were just jealous because they sucked.

That ended that pretty quickly.
Many animals throughout history have fallen to guns and ammo considered quite inferior by todays standards.

Knowing the capabilities on ones choice and keeping your shots within those go a long way. I would have no issue taking an elk with a 10mm as long as I felt the load was adequate

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yeah mike , I think the load , range and placement would have to be damnear perfect for me to do it....could happen in the orchard though
John A. said:
I quick drew a 177 pellet pistol on an empty old box of tide detergent (you remember, the ones with the big orange dot over the i in the word tide) and shot a perfectly centered hole in the orange dot.

The second was complete luck and I would never be able to do it again.

My quick draw was like that....my buddy threw a chew can sidearm about 50 feet and as soon as it hit the ground I drew my P89 :cry: and shot it just as it landed, it flew another 10 feet. I almost dropped the gun I was amazed. We went and got the can , shot right in the middle......saved it for a long while, don’t know where it is now