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Open letter to the men and women of the Connecticut State Police

I also wish he'd said whatever he said in a lot fewer words because I didn't get past the third paragraph. I doubt many of his intended readers did, either.
If I were trying to condense it, I'd have say it translates to: "This has a very genuine potential to get really ugly. Choose your side carefully"...but I could be wrong. Take care. Tom Worthington
I think that you probably summed it up rather well. Thank You. Saved me about 30-minutes of going cross-eyed.
I am on Mike's regular email list. He gets very wordy at times.
He is a good guy but I am not a fan of his emails.
However his speech at our rally was so good about civil disobedience that John Lott was FREAKING OUT!
He hated all the people applauding and cheering Mike!
I worked my way through it in chunks. He makes good points, he just takes a bit long in getting there.

Good summary Tom. ;-D
I remember watching that last year, but I watched it again just because I liked it so well. It was a good speech.

I didn't know he was the one who had written the letter. Thanks for tieing that in together for me.