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OR3GUN Competition Forearm Retainer (Alloy) Fitment Guide

What version is your 930 receiver's 'roll mark'?

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Here is what my 930SPX looks like. What work would be required for this model?

This is what my SPX (2013 vintage) looks like.

I started fitting my CFR tonight. As William said the outer wing / receiver retainer needs to be relieved for the proper fit.

That part was simple. Shaping the outer dimensions to fit the hand guard radius takes a bit of time.

Go slow as you can't add back material once removed.

I plan to use a 600 grit sandpaper when done to polish back up the modified / fit CFR.

Once complete I will fit my JM Pro with an additional CFR I purchased.


I wanted to give everyone here a heads up as to where we are headed with the CFR line.

Our goal is to make as many of our parts in a 'drop-in' version as possible, so we have expanded the CFR options going forward. We have unofficially launched the new CNC tapered drop-in version that will only require minor fitting to the forearm retention tangs if your forearm remains stock (not tapered for quad loading). If you have tapered your forearm down to the receiver, the new QUAD Ready CFR should require zero fitting. These will be available within the next 10 days in both Highly Polished and Storm Gray Anodized versions. This version, with slightly relaxed receiver fit tolerances now includes the side alignment rails for the outside of the receiver in the same way the factory part does. We have also done away with the sharp transition between receiver side and bottom at the overlap point to draw the forearm in tighter on unmodified versions. It does an excellent job at raising the sides of your forearm and eliminating as much of the gap as practical for a drop-in part. This may eventually replace the polymer version altogether.


Regardless of receiver, the only fitting will be a few passes with a file to fit your retainer tangs to your forearm. We are also working on a YouTube instruction tutorial for ALL models of the Alloy CFR.

By popular demand, we will also be tweaking the tolerances on our original Raw Alloy CFR version in the near future going forward. These may still require a pass or two of file fitting on the receiver overhang for North Haven models, but the Dremel should be out of the equation for all receiver fitments. We are also extending the receiver overhang a bit (1/8") to allow a longer ramp for those who are modifying for quad loading. It will still be well tucked out of the way under standard forearms, but will no longer be flush on JM Pro models with the factory trimmed forearm. If this is critical to you, order yours before the production change scheduled within the next week or so.

Thanks for your support and keep the feedback coming!




The changeover to the updated Raw Alloy Competition Forearm Retainer is official. All shipping units are now the new tolerances, as requested.


As you can see, we have changed the machining on the receiver overhang to a thinner profile on the ends, which will allow a snug, drop-in fitment to all receivers (including JM Pro) without a Dremel or file.


You may also notice that we have changed the machining to round the hard corner off of the side/bottom receiver transition to allow it to sit deeper into the forearm without any filing. Of course, filing to match your specific forearm will still allow a tighter fit.


We have also extended the overhang by 1/8" to allow a longer ramp for quad loading. It will still tuck under the factory forearm (except JM Pro) without being visible. About 1/8" will be visible on JM Pro forearms.

If you order now, the new one is what will be shipped to you going forward. Thanks for your feedback and we hope this makes the 'non drop-in' version a but more drop-in for 930 owners.

Our Highly Polished, Quad Ready versions are also currently available for shipping with the Anodized version a couple of days out still.

- William



OK, all pre-orders and backorders for CFRs have shipped and should be on the way to anyone still waiting for one.

We have also created a YouTube video that explains in better detail the differences between the Alloy models of the CFR and which to choose based upon your comfort with tools and goals for your loading technique:

Hope that helps!