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Post Your EDC Blade

My EDC is a little overboard. I unloaded yesterday to give my truck a good cleaning due to getting a new truck this week.

If I was packing all that gear in my work car it would probably only go 139-MPH top end...... :)
Holy Crap Nasa, that is alot of EDC. Put all that in the helos I work on, they may not get off the ground!
Nitesite, just curious, how fast does your Charger go?
tcecil88 said:
Nitesite, just curious, how fast does your Charger go?

146-MPH but it took someone a lot younger and even more stupid than I to find that out. :)

A couple years ago I had one of those epiphany moments. I turned on a reckless driver doing some godawful speed and by the time I cleared oncoming cars and straightened out he had put a really wide margin between us. I had to push a CVPI to about 130 +/- to gain on him and that still took several miles. He was doing 105-mph the last time I pinged him from about a 1/4-mile back. Anyway, after the arrest the 2006 Crown Vic I was in that night felt really bad in the front end. I stopped at the next lighted gas station and found that my left front tire had only 7-lbs of air pressure and was almost on the rim at low speeds. God only knows what would have happened if I had blown out and flipped. My wife would have killed me for that little stunt. :mrgreen:

My Charger handles great at high speed, much better than a CVPI, but I am firm in my faith that it just isn't worth the consequences (to myself and my community) if I have to risk that kind of crap again just to hand somebody a piece of paper for a traffic citation or a minor misdemeanor.

The red numbers are my target car, and I was screaming to catch up to him. I hope even young rookies learn to shy away from such stupidity. :oops:

Yeah, I know what your saying. I was on a ride along with a buddy (recently commited suicide after a long battle with depression, long story, PM me if you want to know more) and we were responding to a silent alarm as backup to the unit assigned. We were screaming through busy intersections, getting air and all sorts of craziness. Turned out to be a false alarm. Really sensless when you consider all the reckless driving we were doing to try and catch someone doing a B&E.
I carry an all black Jim Wagner reality based rescue folder knife. It's got a half serrated half blunt blade with seatbelt hook on the back with window breaker pommel. I've cut through quite a bit of materials with this, and the seatbelt cutter doubles as a handy bottle opener!
If you use tapatalk on your phone its easy to upload pictures.
mingaa said:
Yes FD - CRKT made a number of variations on the M16 - a 'High Risk Environment' series (printed on blade after FD). I believe they Made a PD and Armed Forces version - maybe others. This is M16-12FDZ. IIRC I stole it off eBay - apparently others did not share my thinking that it not only looked cool (plus built well) but would be a limited run as well.

I found a brand spankin new, unused, still in box CRKT M16-12FDZ for $50 on the "Blade Forums". The guy had it posted up in 2011 and I just sent him an email asking if it was still available, since there were no posts after his. It Is!!
Here's a Cold Steel Recon I Series Folder I got for Father's Day...razor sharp !!

DAMN LES! I like those Boker Subcoms! How do you like the "Wharcom" blade? I'd switch out my Kershaw for one of those Boker knives if they are worth the $30 on Amazon haha... Railroad isn't knife friendly at all
The Warcom makes a great utility knife for around the house. It's great for cutting a straight edge and especially well siuted for scraping. My favorite of the bunch is the SubClaw. The hawkbill blade makes a great little multi-purpose knife...
I have a Coldsteel mini tac Tonto knife with sheath. I got in a little dispute for carrying it underneath my shirt at work... its an awesome knife! Just used it at the wrong time to open some soup... :(