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Posting Pictures

Hopefully an admin can confirm this but it does not appear that we allow the uploading of bitmap images. I'm not sure if that was a site/admin decision or a limitation of the software. It could be a size issue in that bitmaps generally are much larger in size (disk space) then the same image in jpg, png, etc. format.

You may have to save your images in a different format or upload them to a image hosting site and them link to them.
I post from my iPad photo library. When I'm done typing my reply, in the same screen I just scroll down a little past the submit button and there's a tab that says upload attachment. Click that, then click choose file. It gives you the option to take a pic or go to photo library. Then scroll through an tap the pic u want. I normally have to crop the pic to make it smaller or it won't except it. You can only post a max of 3. If its a pic from somewhere else I just do a screen shot, that puts it in my photo library.
Great info. However when I "paste" my pics in img or url, all I get is a whole set of numbers and letters from the pic web site. NO pictures. Any idea what I am doing wrong. Also, in your post, I don"t see your 4 yr old, just a red X. Is it my settings?
His pic looks to be disabled now.

When you try to post a photo, what does your link look like? Post one up and I'll try to figure out what's goin on...
The first "img" was left open with only a "[" and the closing "]" was after the link. I closed the first "img" with [ ] then deleted the "]" after the link and it works.

You can edit your post and try it out...
Thanx. No Joy! Still working on it. Might have to surrender and get my youngest daughter, or granddaughter (for crying out loud) to show this dinosaur how to. Heh-Heh!
Test Post

This picture I did a copy image location from Google Photos and selected image icon above and pasted the URL there:

Here I copied the link and pasted it into the Link icon above:

And this is something that I copied and used the insert icon above to insert a quote:
#1Buck4Me said: "Can someone give me hint on how to insert a thumbnail from Google Photos ? "

Sorry...can't help ya there Buck.

CAUTION Old Rookie at work! :(
Guys please be patient with me as I am new to posting on message boards. The best way for me to learn is just try to do it and see what happens. If you see me doing something stupid please point it out and try to help.

Should be able to click on the image button above the area where you type. It will create a pop up window for media in which you will paste a copied link.

I have trouble too sometimes but all I use these days is my phone so links don't transfer properly for images.
In order for me to post from googls photos, I had to
click on the image.
Right click, open image in new tab.
Then I did it again. Right click open image in new tab.
Then copy the link in the top tab and insert photo using the photo tab here to the right of the smiles tab above the post box...

I did this using an android tablet...

See if that works for you.
I'll look into to posting pix with less steps involved....
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Nice grips! :)

Did you use the image thingy or is that from your phone?