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Prairie dog shoot in Wy & Mt.

David Grubb

Copper BB
Just got back from a p/dog shoot near Dayton, Wy. & Dexter, Mt. . My new MMR H is awesome. I used all Hornady ammo and mostly 40 grain. If I could see the dogs with my 10x50 binos the MMR would get them. Overall the hunting was a little slow due to the extreme heat and the dogs just didn't want to come out and play. I also used a Marlin 39A 22lr lever action and a Marlin 992M 22 magnum for the under 75-100 yard stuff. That 922M will get them at 150 yards if there is no wind; excellent shooter. Thinking on a coyote hunt next. Any ideas on using the MMR on a hog hunt? I always go for the ear/neck area but I think I would need to use 75 grain ammo.?


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Wowzerz..sorry so late getting here Dave.
Have you been using it regularly? Is it still a good platform? I was thinking of getting hunters mmr. All camo'd up. Not sure what caliber yet. But I'm open to suggestion. It would be just mostly for coyote.

Got any pix of yours?


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Sounds like an awesome trip. Somehow this tread slipped by me as well.