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Processing your game animals.


WARNING! This tread contains scenes of animals being processed. Some of the contents may not be suitable for small children or PETA members.

Thought I'd get a thread on processing game animals and the gear involved. From trophy bucks to tasty squirrels, if you have any instructions or gear reviews lets post them up here! I'll start.

Here is a 3 part series on processing big game by YouTube's DocTacDad. Not the most comprehensive guide, but it gets you an idea of what's involved.

Processing Your Big Game: Part I Field Dressing

Processing Your Big Game: Part II Skinning

Processing Your Big Game: Part III Quartering
For those of you that don't mind shelling out a few of your hard earned dollars for a good video, I picked up this a while back and it does an excellent job of not only showing you how to process food and trophy large game, but shows you the various cuts of meat you can get out of each parts.

Deer & Big Game Processing, Vol. 1

The most in-depth step by step processing video on the market today. A must have for all do-it-yourself deer hunters. Covers field dressing trophy and non-trophy game, caping, aging, quartering, de-boning, grinding and packaging. How to identify primary muscles and the table cuts available from each muscle group. Bonus feature with current CWD information. Approximate run time 3 hours.

They have a few other dvd's that look like a good investment I may pick up down the road:

Quarter and De-bone Big Game In the Field Vol. 2 DVD

Advanced Wild Game Processing, Vol. 3: Sausage DVD

Advanced Wild Game Processing, Vol. 4: Jerky DVD
Another video from DocTacDad, How To Skin Coyote.

Nice Videos. If I might make a suggestion, put a rag over the plates on the vehicle and you wouldnt have to distort video to hide personal information.