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Proud Boys Leader Has Extensive History as an Informant


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Saw this article this morning.

It should raise a whole bunch of eyebrows, but will probably just get swept under the rug like so many other stories that point to a much wider conspiracy than anyone in positions of power are willing to admit.

Proud Boys leader has an extensive history as a law enforcement informant....let that one sink in a little.

Certainly makes one wonder what the ultimate end game of all these things could be. We could postulate all over the place but never come to a solid conclusion. I can only surmise with my pea brain that there are forces at work trying very hard to remake the free world. It seems their ideas and agenda are gaining traction and momentum in the public with the MSM bolstering these notions daily. Again, we are called conspiracy theorists, crazies, whatever...but the level and visibility of these efforts in recent months, is in my opinion unprecedented. I think you could have called it an under-current in years past but it feels like we are on the verge of an all out assault. Like they are squaring up the battle lines, preparing for the big push. I am truly worried where we will all be in a few years time.