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Question Of The Month (August 2023) (Biden and Trump)


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With multiple criminal charges placed (Trump) and mounting evidence of corruption going to the top (Biden) will either make it to the general 2024 election?
I'm just hoping some angry old men (and women) that are NOT in politics will start taking matters into their own hands... ;)

To answer your question:
I think the puppetmasters will prop Bidet up enough so he makes it to the election. Weekend At Bernie's (the movie) kind of thing. (I'm sure he's already spent plenty of weekends at Sander's place felating him...)
I believe they have enough fake charges ready to be filed against Trumpy to come up with something that will "disqualify" him in the minds of the pinheads that get all their news from MSNBCNN and other slimedia.
I think for Biden to make it depends on several things. His DOJ has to keep the pressure on Trump, and he will have to dump Harris, which is not likely. If he won't dump her the Dems will nominate perhaps Newsome, who would choose Michele Obama as his running mate.

For Trump to win his attorneys need to prolong things till the election is over, possible, and Republicans need to circle the wagons, not so probable.

Then too, Biden could be impeached which changes everything if a couple of power hungry Democratic senators jumped ship.
From the outside looking in and judging by past history it's absolutely possible for both to stand for election in 2024.

What troubles me the most is the lack of top tier candidates for president over the last number of elections. It's the most powerful leadership position on the face of the planet in all of human history. We got Trump and Biden, Trump and Clinton...geez man, that's the best that can be mustered? This is not coming from a lofty position either...we're buggered up here with PM Fancy Socks, we can't shake the bastard to save our souls it would seem.

I remember seeing a picture of Trump, Trudeau and ol' bedhead Boris at some summit...looked like Huey, Dewey and friggin' Louie instead of the stalwart leaders of the free world. I'm sure my forebears are rolling over in their graves at what has become of western society.
Well, my 2020 predictions turned out to be only half right, because when the Democrats cheated the Supreme Court did not stand behind Trump. I thought he was certain to win against Biden because people knew Biden was a creep.

So I think easily the same kind of skullduggery could take place this time.

I do not think that Joe Biden will be on the ballot in 2024. Every time they juice him up to go back on the news he is a little bit angrier and a little bit less a sympathetic creature be voted for.

I think Gavin Newson is a raging warmonger under the skin. Just like Joe Biden. They will probably nominate him. Bernie Sanders will take another run at it just so they bribe him to go away again. The Democratic national committee will have to vote over and over and over again until they get the results they want.

But I cannot imagine them taking another chance on Kamala Harris.
Q> With multiple criminal charges placed (Trump) and mounting evidence of corruption going to the top (Biden) will either make it to the general 2024 election?

A> Yes

If that question ["either make it?"] was booked at even money, then I'd take the YES side.

But ironically if the questions were asked on each individual, Biden Y/N, or Trump Y/N I'd take the even money AGAINST both sides.

1. Biden will die or go too nuts to run.
2. Trump will be bypassed by the Republicans.
3. If bypassed, Trump will try Third Party approach.
4. Whoever is elected will have to deal w/ Houses split between parties. No RR or DD. Nothing substantial will be accomplished. Border, economy, Justice, Defense, Energy, Transportation are screwed forever.
5. I probably won't live to see the 2028 elections.
6. Y'all have a good time.