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Question Of The Month (March 2022) (How Far Will It Go)


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CM, I get what you are saying but, it only works if and when the United States has a strong leader. In my opinion we do not have strong leadership at this time.
Indeed it seems it's contagious in the west these days.

Just look at FancySocks to your north and the dude that doesn't own a comb across the pond.

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Putin surely knows by now that most of the free world now considers him a war criminal. If he is captured and tried and found guilty, he surely would be sentenced to death. Remember Sadam Huessein.

He is in control of an awesome arsenal. I think their is a distinct possibility he uses them if he feels the walls closing in on him. At this point what does he have to lose ?

Fortunately he is a father, and reportedly loves his kids. Maybe it's not as simple as we think. I don't think we will capture Putin. I think he will vanish or comit suicide.


Biden and Trudeau are quite the pair for sure.

I think I came up short there. You can add a few more leaders from Europe to the list. They have put themselves into dependence on Russia for oil and gas, and at the same time want us to go green at the expense of our oil and gas and coal workers. Oh, except when they need us to use our fossil fueled war machine to protect them from...Russia. How ironic.

Trump was so right .

Let's go Brandon.