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Question Of The Month (May 2021) (Covid)


Capital N O spells no! Not getting a fake vaccine for a fake flu. ;) I don't get the yearly flu shot either so there is that. I did just get a booster for Tetanus--I think it had been 15 years or so.

I strongly believe the Fauxrona was a ploy by the Chinese to help affect our elections. 99.99% of us had herd immunity from the getgo--we were NEVER going to get it. OR spread it because it would not "stick" to us. Therefore, no need to become sheeple or mask up or any of that. If you haven't got CV by now, you will never get it. Take the placebo "vaccine" if it makes you feels better but more than likely it will make you feel sick and achy... :D For the country/slimedia to put so much faith in that quack Fauxchi is embarrassing... :(

I do agree with the extra sanitation in hospitals, though. I would be willing to bet incidences of MRSA have declined in the past year. But no one tells you about that... :rolleyes:


Absolutely NO

First, this is not a vaccine! It's gene therapy or better described as gene manipulation. No one knows the long-term effects on either the recipients or their future off springs.

Secondly, how can anyone trust the government's report of deaths. For example, during the 20-21 flu season there have been only 600 recorded deaths in the United States. The previous year there were over 22,000 and two years before over 34,000! Does anyone really believe the flu, by some miracle, went away? People say it's because everyone is wearing masks. But both the flu and Covid-19 are transmitted the same way. If masks worked, why are Covid numbers up and flu numbers down? Could it be the government's reporting "strategy"? Or the fact that hospitals and stares are getting $$$$$$ for each Covid-19 attributed death?

Third, the recovery rate from Covid still is around 99.5% and has not changed from the beginning. What's the death rate or medical impact rates from the "vaccine"?

Finally, if you've not gotten Covid by now not likely you will. Plus for states who have totally relaxed their restriction the infection rate has dropped dramatically as compared to states who continue to impose draconian restrictions which are killing the economy.

However, it's your choice!



.50 BMG
So far no. Where I live we just haven’t seen the kind of outbreak they’ve had in other towns. I don’t feel any kind of health pressure to do this, and the only reason I feel to do it would be political pressure.

Screw that.


Take the placebo "vaccine" if it makes you feels better but more than likely it will make you feel sick and achy...

FYI: My cousin just got her second shot and has been sick for 5 days. She literally felt like she was near death but says she's feeling a lot better now. Couldn't get outta bed to walk to the bathroom her muscles were so sore, 102 fever for two or three days. Migrane etc. Your results may vary...


.50 BMG
The physical vaccination itself is very little of anyone’s concern. Big concern is for a government and media that can’t seem to tell us the truth.

And when they don’t know, they can’t tell us that they don’t know. Instead they just make something up, and they tend to be wrong when they do that.