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Racial Ambush Killings?


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dragged.png Tariq and his friends are pushing the Ambush Killings hoax with things like this highly edited video of a traffic stop gone very bad. It gives an impression of a blood crazy cop. Not so if you watch the whole 9 mins.

A cop stops a stoned (or rather dull witted and "happy") black guy with expired license and no insurance card, who stares for minutes in confusion at his own paperwork. When he realizes he's going to be searched for drugs he suddenly takes off, dragging the officer, stops, and takes off again. The LEO managed to shoot him in the leg before being tossed to the roadway.

Rocky Money Rudolph, Junior, was later arrested and hospitalized.
Too bad he didn't shoot his balls off.
This loser will live to reproduce.


John A.

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I have come to suspect that every video or news clip that I see these days has been heavily edited and either misleading or down right lies.

It's worse than that x files agent mueller not trusting anyone.



About the first 8 of 9 minutes were calm and cool. Why it took 8 minutes to smell pot is beyond me... Cop chose to stand on the running board. I'll give the perp credit for dumping the cop off on the grassy median instead of the pavement whether or not it was planned.