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Recoil trips safety switch


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I've had my 535 for 4 years or so now and have always had some kind of issue with the safety. It's always been VERY easy to slide forward and backwards. The the original plastic switch started to turn sideways with the recoil... it was like the screw wasn't screwed down tight; but, it was. Eventually the plastic switch snapped; so, I ordered a metal switch from Brownells. The switch no longer turns sideways and I'm not worried about it breaking; but, is still VERY easy to slide forwards and backwards... so easy that the recoil from target loads can cause the safety to switch on... nice to be safe; but, it's very irritating on follow-up shots with skeet and duck.

Doesn't seem like the detention spring is too short because I got a new spring with the new safety and the easy slide persisted. Its seems like the hole the spring and ball bearing goes into was drilled too deep?

Anybody else having this problem? (My son's 500 that was purchased same day at same store is the original plastic safety and it firmly snaps on and off)




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I tried a search through the site and didn't see anything like you're describing. Most issues are a stuck safety.

Anyone else have any ideas?

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I would try and fit a very small piece of round plastic maybe 1/16" into the hole and see if this brings up the ball bearing and see if it "snaps" in.


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I personally haven't taken my safety apart, so I'm unsure of the diameter of the hole, but,
In addition to ol mossys comment.. would a hand held hole punch for paper work? You could try an old credit card for the spacer he's suggesting ....


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The safety should go forward under recoil, not backerds. If the safety goes to rear after cycling action it is because the bolt is smacking the safety block. In your case it sounds like the issue is isolated to the safety assembly.

The safety button should always have the steel plate under it. This is because some safeties have cutouts that are virtually nonexistent. Most safeties and plates have four holes cutout; these can be oriented in either direction. Some safeties and plates are only cut on one side. In this case both the safety & plate must have the cutouts to the rear. The ball detent must have a place to go.

The spring is about .375" and the hole is about .30". Different length springs do exist.



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I'm having this same problem on a new 535 - fire then gun, and the safety kicks on. Safety switch feels sloppy and cheap. Any good solutions? Aftermarket safety? Wondering how the OP here fared?




Blacksmith gives some excellent advice in his post.
Jmark, I put an aftermarket metal safety on my 500 (it'll also work on the 535) that works perfectly.

Not shouting, but trust me, if you drop it, it's tough to find. Don't ask me how I know. :brick:
I bought mine off of Amazon for about $15. No affiliation, of course, but here's a link:
(I think that's allowable)

I'm not going to sidetrack the thread, but it would be my offered opinion to Mossberg to spend an extra 10 cents (if that much) and use
METAL for the tang safety button instead of PLASTIC.
Just my opinion, of course.


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Well, I finally got around to replacing the safety on my 535, after endless annoyances with having to turn it off again after every shot. Got a kit from Brownell's. When I took the old one off... well I'll be darn... no ball bearing. No, I didn't drop it or anything, it just wasn't there. This gun was factory new. Incredible. The new safety seems to lock in place very nicely on or off.

Go figure. QC ain't what it used to be.