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Red Dot Mount


Hey there,
again I need your support. I want to put a Red Dot on my Mossberg 590 Mariner. Unfortunately the receiver isn't drilled so I am not able to mount a rail.

Is there any mount you guys can recommend to me?
By the way, I saw a lot of 590 Mariners with drilled receivers. Is there any information on which serial numbers they quit to drill the receiver or why they did?

John A.

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Don't see why it wouldn't.

The main differences in the 500/590 that I am aware of is the barrel is heavier, and has metal trigger guard and such.

Far as I know, the receiver and receiver holes are the same between the two.


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Ive had something similar, believe it was made by Millett. Might look into a slip on type cheek riser though, as it will force you to come up off of the stock some for a full field of view through the optic.