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Reloading Data


.50 BMG
Why thank you NiteSite. :)

The Steiner GS-3 scope makes a huge difference buddy

I would like to see a real marksman shoot this rifle. Someone with 20-20 vision and rock steady nerves.

My right eye is about 20-500 and the left is 20-750. Even with glasses I only see 20-30 at best.

Sometimes I'm amazed that I can even hit the paper.


I'm fussing with 30-30 loads myself. Falcon 165gr poly coated boolit. Right now I'm doing cat-sneeze loads of 5 gr of titegroup. But I'd like to do a full-power load, probably using H4895.
Just worked out a load for my .30-30. It's the first .30 caliber rifle I've ever loaded for that didn't like 4064, but it may have been the bullets. Winchester brass and primers, Sierra 170 grain flat nose #2010, charges of IMR 4064 from minimum to maximum in 0.3 grain increments. Each and every load produced flyers. So I swapped bullets and powder because I didn't have time to go into troubleshooting. Academy had CFE223 and 150 grain Hornady round nose #3035 in stock. Everything between 35.2 and 36 grains was under 3" at 100 yards. Settled on 35.6 grains, it shot about 2", and that was with 50 year old eyes and a 4x shotgun scope that had been relegated to the closet.

That's good enough for hunting, but I'll get picky after hunting season and try to make that 170 grain Sierra bullet work.

Meantime, anybody tried round balls in a shotcup in a rifled 12 gauge? Sabot slugs are hard to come by locally, and pretty pricey.