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Safety (Slider) extremely hard to move

Bill Yant

Copper BB
This a 3 day old Mossberg 510 mini shotgun and I have run a box of 3" #6 shot through it in hope that the problem would get better but it has only gotten worse. The problem is the safety (slider) on the 510 Mini is extremely hard to move. So much so that my wife can't move it at all. Is anyone else experiencing this problem and if so what did you do to resolve the issue? The problem is so bad that I will need to send it back to Mossberg if it can't be resolved. I've had at least a dozen guns with the safety on the top (like this model) and all have been quite easy to slide the safety on/off but definitely that's not the case with this particular gun. Any help with this problem would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Sorry to hear you are having problems.

I would take out the trigger assembly first and see if it gets any easier. If it dosen't problem is in the safety slide. That you can change yourself.

Send an email to

Joseph Zakher

He has helped many members here.

Hopefully he can help you without shipping the gun in.

Keep us posted.
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Welcome to the Mossberg Owners Forum Bill !!

Put some oil on it...let it sit and soak in...then move it back and forth...

It just need to loosen up a bit is all...